20 Stunning White Wedding Flowers We Highly Recommend

If you are struggling to choose which flowers to use at your wedding, here are some recommendations for stunning white flowers that would work perfectly. 

White Wedding Flowers

1. Hydrangea

These year long flowers make wonderful draping centerpieces of cascading bouquets. They look stunning with roses or baby’s breath, and lots of greenery to contrast the white petals.

They need plenty of water to stay hydrated. These flowers are the symbol of purity and grace – ideal for any bride on her special day. They also signify abundance. 

2. Anemone 

This spring flower looks great with roses and is ideal for a bouquet or table decorations. The dark center is very dramatic and works well in modern weddings with a monochrome theme.

White anemones are the symbol of sincerity, so make sure you hold them during your vows. 

3. Tulips 

White tulips are often used during funerals to represent condolences, but they can be a beautiful addition to weddings as well.

They symbolize purity and honor, and their crisp color and pretty shape make wonderful bouquets and buttonholes. You can also use them as centerpieces if you put them in vases with some dianthus. 

4. Gerpoms 

Germs are delicate flowers with floaty petals. They make wonderful flower crowns for the bride or bridesmaids and can also be used in centerpieces alongside spray roses or daisies. They droop quickly, so make sure you factor in plenty of hydration. 

5. Carnation 

Carnations have a frilly appearance which works well alongside lace. Pair them with roses and baby’s breath for an elegant bouquet, or use them as a centerpiece.

They work well in short vases, or nestled amongst greenery. They are the symbol of purity and good luck, which is ideal for starting your married life. 

6. Snapdragons 

Snapdragons are a little different from traditional wedding flowers (Also check out Amazing DIY Wedding Flowers). They create more of a garden wedding feel and they have a long shape. They make wonderful bouquets, especially if you like the spray shape that is a little chaotic.

They also look very elegant as centerpieces in tall vases with lisianthus. Snapdragon is easy to maintain and care for which is ideal if you want to grow your own flowers for your wedding.

These flowers symbolize purity and grace as well as innocence. They can make a wonderful choice for any bride. If you are interested in the supernatural, the white snapdragon was also used to signify good magic. 

7. Gypsophila 

Gypsophila is often used as a secondary flower, but it can work just as well on its own. It looks stunning paired with larger flowers like hydrangeas or roses, and can also be used to create trailing centerpieces with a whimsical, romantic feel.

Make sure you are gentle when handling gypsophila as the buds can come off easily. Gypsophila have traditionally been used in weddings for years, but are also used to celebrate newborn babies. 

8. Rose 

White roses are arguably one of the most beautiful flowers you can have in your wedding. They are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. They have a romantic beauty and they come out very well in photographs.

You can use them for bouquets, centerpieces, buttonholes, in vases, amongst greenery, and even on your wedding cake.

They look lovely with carnations, or with something delicate like a baby’s breath or gypsophila. They symbolize love and loyalty as well as innocence. Many people also see them as representing new beginnings. 

9. Dahlia  

White Dahlias are a stunning wedding flower. They need clean water so it is best to keep them separate from greenery. Use them in bouquets or button holes, or in elegant vases as a centerpiece.

You can pair them with ranunculus. White dahlias symbolize innocence and purity. They are often used for celebrations of life events as they represent a blank slate for a new chapter, and they are known for their beauty. 

10. Dendrobium Orchids 

Dendrobium orchids have a similar appearance to snapdragons, but with more decorum and structure. They have greenery on them which creates a lovely contrast with the white.

They are the symbol of elegance and purity which makes them perfect for a bridal bouquet. You can also use them as a centerpiece in a tall vase.

Try pairing them with lilies or roses for a real show-stopper. Make sure you are careful when separating them as they tend to intertwine and you don’t want to break the stalks. 

11. Peonies 

White peonies are often used as a flower of apology, but they can also make beautiful wedding flowers. They symbolize shyness, but they have a lovely bold shape with delicate flowers.

They look wonderful in bouquets or centerpieces alongside simple greenery so they flowers can really stand out.

If you want to pair it with another flower you could try a carnation. If your peonies aren’t fully open then place them in a little warm water for encouragement. 

12. Poppies 

Red poppies are the most well known, but they also come in white which is perfect for weddings. You could even use a combination of both to create an interesting contrast and a summery feel.

They look lovely with roses and can work well in bouquets or centerpieces. White poppies are used as a symbol of remembrance so they are perfect for weddings for military couples or to honor a member of the family who is in the military. 

13. Miniature Carnations 

Miniature carnations are often used in bouquets or centerpieces as a secondary flower to fill out the larger blooms. They can also be great for button holes.

They are very hardy and will still look lovely at the end of the day. Try pairing them with roses or hydrangeas, or even larger carnations. They symbolize good luck which is a lovely sentiment for your wedding day as you start a new chapter of your life. 

14. Ranunculus 

Ranunculus have a similar appearance to roses in that the petals are layered. However, there is less ruffling and the petals tend to be tighter together.

They are truly beautiful flowers that can add a touch of elegance to any bouquet or centerpiece, and are a less obvious choice than roses.

The stems are hollow so you will need to prop them up with floral wire or use other flowers and fillers to keep them upright. They symbolize pure love, elegance and grace. 

15. Chrysanthemum 

These flowers work best for centerpieces. They can be nestled amongst foliage and greenery across the tables, draping in a cascading fashion around the cake table, or spraying elegantly out of a vase.

They are very hardy and will stay looking fresh all day long. They symbolize honesty and loyalty which is ideal for your wedding day. 

16. Veronicas  

These hardy blooms are ideal for centerpieces or as a filler in a bouquet. They have a pointed shape and create the feel of garden flowers which is lovely for spring and summer.

It is the symbol of fidelity and love which makes it the perfect wedding flower. Try pairing them with roses for a contrasting shape. 

17. Queen Anne’s Lace 

This delicate flower can be used in any bouquet or centerpiece to add some volume and texture. It is best to keep it hydrated or it may start to droop. It has plenty of green which makes it ideal for vases as it adds some color and variety.

The flower is associated with beauty and has been used by women for centuries to help them find love. It also symbolizes safety and refuge. 

18. Godetia 

White godetia is a flower with a trumpet shaped bloom made out of delicate, ruffled petals. It is lovely for bouquets and centerpieces and can also be used as a filler among larger blooms with a more bold, rounded shape.

For a dainty arrangement, pair it with gypsophila. For something more substantial, pair it with miniature carnations and peonies. These cheerful flowers represent charm and enthusiasm, which makes them perfect for the bubbly bride. 

19. Lily Of The Valley 

Lily of the valley symbolizes joy and happiness and is a positive flower to include in your wedding celebrations. They need to be kept cool, as overheating will cause them to wilt.

They make stunning bouquets on their own or paired with roses or baby’s breath. They can also be used for centerpieces – perhaps in small vases for a rustic wedding. 

20. White Stock 

White stock is a classic cottage garden flower that symbolizes happiness and contentment. The blooms have a sweet scent and they are ideal for adding to bouquets and centerpieces.

They are versatile flowers as you can use them in an elegant vase or in more of a rustic display. Try pairing them with a bold flower like roses or hydrangeas for some texture and contrasting shapes.

Don’t overcrowd them as they need a lot of water – it is better to use this plant sparingly. 


These beautiful varieties of white flowers are all perfect for weddings, whether you use them for bouquets, centerpieces or flower crowns. Their symbolism and appearance makes them ideal for your special day. 

Cody Olivier
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