13 Stunning Western Wedding Cakes We Highly Recommend

You should have your wedding your way. And if for you that means having a Western themed wedding cake, then you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Western Wedding Cakes

In this article, we’ll be showing you our favorite Western style wedding cakes. We’ve got plenty here for you to check out, and with any luck it will provide some great inspiration for a Western wedding cake of your very own.

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

(The following Western wedding cakes aren’t listed in any particular order.)

1. Cowboy Boots Cake

What says “Western” better than a pair of brown cowboy boots!

This Western wedding cake has two boots, one with a wedding garter and veil to represent the bride, and one with a cowboy boot to represent the groom. Possibly made with chocolate.

The boots are made to look like real leather and are decorated with a Western style print. And they sit on top of a two tier cake, but of course you can still have a 3 tier cake if you wish.

The bottom tiers are given a rustic look in keeping with the Western theme.

2. Western Clothing Wedding Cake

This is a very Western wedding cake. It has two beautiful square-shaped tiers that are decorated on the outer faces with a zig-zag pattern of metallic studs, complete with a fringe made with icing, reminiscent of Western apparel. 

There are also ribbons and buckles underneath these fringes to present a belt, and on the top of the cake are two Western style hats, a black cowboy hat to represent the groom, and a white one with a bow to represent the bride.

What’s more, the tiers are predominantly white, in keeping with more traditional wedding cakes.

3. Country Wedding Cake

In this simple Western wedding cake, you’ve got three tiers of square wedding cake, in traditional white, that are adorned with a variety of items associated with Westerns. 

Each tier is edged with brown icing that is plaited to look like rope, and there are also Western items made of icing in the style of leather cowboy boots on the lower two tiers, and also in the style of metal horseshoes on all three of the tiers.

On the very top of the cake is a Western style topper to represent the bride and groom. The groom is sitting atop a horse, and is holding out a rose to the bride. So sweet.

4. Bride and Groom Horseshoe Wedding Cake

This may appear to be individual bride and groom cakes for celebrations prior to the wedding itself, but there’s no reason why you can’t do this for the big day if you so wish.

There are two cakes, both in the shape of a horseshoe, which is considered symbolic of Westerns. One represents the bride, and is in the color of a traditional wedding dress, complete with pleats. And the other one represents the groom in his wedding attire, complete with a black jacket, white shirt and black bow tie and buttons.

The cakes are lined with imitation ropes made with brown icing. The cakes are the same size as one another, indicative of the couple coming together as equals.

5. Western Wedding Cake

This is a very simple yet very effective Western wedding cake.

It has 3 towers, and rather than being a traditional white, they are a pale brown color that’s typically associated with Western clothing, signage and attire.

The bottom tier has the date of the wedding emblazoned in a Western font, and each tier is lined with a twist of chocolate icing to look like plaited rope, which even has knots in places.

There are also two horseshoe shapes made with silver icing to represent the bride and groom partnered together. And there are pretty wildflowers dotted around for further decoration.

6. Wedding Cake with Personalized Western Topper

A particularly easy way to give your wedding cake a distinctive Western theme would be like this, where there’s a traditional multi-tier white wedding cake, but on the top there’s a personalized topper for the couple.

This particular personalized topper features the surname of the married couple in a Western style font, while there are two pistols representing the bride and groom that are crossed together in a symbol of unity.

7. Bespoke Western Wedding Cake

You can have your Western wedding cake as detailed and bespoke as you wish.

This is a very detailed Western cake, composed of a single rectangular tier of cake, which features a colorful Western scene, complete with gents on horseback, a sunset, and cacti.

While above this sits multiple edible ornaments including a wagon with a couple sitting on it in Western attire, among more cacti, a gun and a cowboy boot.

A cake like this may cost a little more, but if it’s what you want, just go for it.

8. Elegant Western Wedding Cake

If you want to incorporate a Western theme in your wedding cake, but also want to keep the cake looking as classy and elegant as possible, then this is a great way to do it.

It features 3 tiers in various shapes, and they’re all in the same color. Each tier of the cake is designed to replicate the appearance of engraved leather in a floral Western style. Every edge is lined with a nice matching icing set up.

At the top of the cake, there’s a sweet topper featuring a lady and a gentleman on horseback to represent the bride and groom, holding hands with one another and looking at each other fondly as they go.

9. 3-Tier Horseshoe Wedding Cake

This is a really cute idea for a Western themed wedding cake. It features all 3 tiers of a traditional wedding cake, but rather than being round, they are instead in the shape of a horseshoe. So you get three horseshoe shaped cakes in graduating sizes (Also check out Stunning Small Wedding Cakes).

It is beautifully decorated with pretty piping and various embellishments such as mini horseshoes, pink ribbons, and dainty floral arrangements.

10. Western Apparel Wedding Cake

This must be the most stylish Western wedding cake in our shortlist!

It has three matching tiers with a distinctive Western look reminiscent of traditional Western apparel. 

The tiers are predominantly teal in color, but the bottom two tiers have brown panels with embossing reminiscent of Western leather clothing. These tiers also have gems which mimic the appearance of studs.

The top tier has the same aesthetic as the brown paneling on the other tiers, but this is in the shape of a belt, complete with a buckle.

On the very top of the cake is a Western style topper to represent the bride and groom. The groom is sitting atop a horse, and is holding out a rose to the bride. So sweet.

11. Three Tier Western Wedding Cake Where The Bride Has The Groom In A Lasso

This funny cake Western themed wedding cake is so fun! It’s so full of character.

There are 3 tiers in total, all in a chocolate color reminiscent of Western attire. The top tier is held in position by a stand made of three silver horseshoes. 

The middle layer has what looks like a real belt wrapped around it, while the top tier features a sheriff’s badge. It would be perfect for a chocolate flavored sponge.

There’s a figurine of the bride and of the groom. The bride is standing, and she has the ankle of the groom in a lasso that she is tightening and pulling toward herself.

12. 3-Tier Western Wedding Cake With Cute Topper

This is a very straightforward Western wedding cake that captures both the elegance of a wedding and at the same time there’s a distinct Western theme.

There are three round tiers, each of them lined with a Western style brown leather belt made with icing, and dotted with blue studs.

There are also pairs of horseshoes dotted around the edges of each tier, and a large monogram on the middle tier, where the happy couple can have their married initials.

On the very top of the cake sits a cute topper featuring a cowboy on horseback with his bride sitting behind him on the horse holding on to him as he turns around to check that she’s ok.

13. Western Sunset Themed Wedding Cake

This beautiful Western wedding cake features 3 tiers, each decorated with a sunset background with Western silhouettes sitting on top, including horses, couples, houses, fences, and trees.

Emblazoned on the middle tier are the couple’s names, while the message on the bottom tier reads “Two trails become one road” followed by the wedding date.

The top tier features a cute topper featuring a lady and a gentleman on horseback to represent the bride and groom, holding hands with one another and looking at each other fondly as they go forward together.

Wrap Up

We sure hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our round-up of the best Western themed wedding cakes out there, and that it’s given you some ideas and things to think about.

Here’s to having the best Western themed wedding ever!

Cody Olivier
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