13 Stunning Wedding Flowers On A Budget We Highly Recommend

It’s no secret, wedding flowers can be expensive, especially stunning wedding flowers. Many happy couples spend up to 15% of their budget on flowers, that’s a lot of money for something that dies in a few days!

Wedding Flowers On A Budget

You want to save money and find some stunning wedding flowers on a budget, but you aren’t sure where to find affordable wedding flowers. 

What can you do? Everywhere you search is expensive and you meet nothing but conflicting and contradicting information. How are you supposed to find stunning wedding flowers on a budget now? 

Well, you can turn to us! Today we are here with our list of 13 stunning wedding flowers on a budget. All of these are highly recommended and budget friendly, allowing you to have stunning wedding flowers regardless of your budget! 

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into today’s list now. All of these flowers are affordable to purchase yourself or from florists, allowing you to create beautiful wedding flowers with ease. 

1. Gladiolus 

First up, we have the beautiful Gladiolus. The flower signifies faithfulness, making it a fantastic wedding flower. It is also used for 40th wedding anniversaries, so a fitting flower to include in your wedding (and then again at your 40th anniversary party)! 

The pinky orange flower is beautiful and is sure to add some brightness to your wedding. The flowers can grow quite tall, making them wonderful for long bouquets.

The flower is one of the cheapest you can buy, allowing you to fill your wedding with them without breaking the bank! 

2. Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one that matches your wedding theme. You can find them in pink, red, bronze, yellow, white, and lavender.

Each color has a different meaning, but generally speaking, they are a sign of positivity and joy, making them a fitting flower for your wedding.

Plus, chrysanthemums are quite large and wide, meaning you don’t need many to create a full bouquet!

They also look fantastic as centerpieces and are quite affordable too. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have lovely wedding flowers with chrysanthemums in your bouquet! 

3. Baby’s Breath 

Baby’s breath is another affordable flower! The dainty white flowers are surrounded by green foliage. They make a beautiful bouquet as themselves, or you can pair them with any of the other affordable flowers we have shown you today! 

As a baby’s breath is an affordable flower, they are great for padding out your bouquets and centerpieces.

They don’t cost much, and as each stem has several flowers, you don’t need to add many to have lots of flowers in your bouquet. And as they are white, they pair with virtually any other flower! 

4. Carnation 

Carnations are known for being an affordable but stunning flower! They come in a variety of colors so you are sure to find one that matches your wedding theme. Our favorites are pink, purple, and white. 

Carnations last for up to two weeks too, providing they are kept in water, making them the perfect wedding flower if you want your wedding flowers to last.

Simply cut their ends and place them in some water and you can enjoy your beautiful and affordable bouquet for days after your big day! 

5. Alstroemeria 

Also known as Inca and Peruvian lily, Alstroemeria is another beautiful and affordable flower. The flowers can be found in white, red, purple, pink, yellow, and orange.

The affordable flower can be paired with other flowers like a hydrangea to make a beautiful bouquet. 

It’s a good alternative to lilies in an arrangement. Not everyone wants lilies at a wedding, but alstroemeria looks like a smaller lily without the association of death. Plus, the bright colors make it a wonderful and bright addition to your bouquet! 

6. Rose 

We know roses are usually considered expensive. But outside of Valentine’s Day, roses tend to be an affordable option! Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors.

Pink, white, orange, or yellow roses look wonderful in a bouquet. You can cut costs even further by opting for a few roses and adding other affordable flowers from today’s list. 

Look out for tonal roses too that offer shades of pink. These look wonderful in your wedding flowers. Plus, roses are good flowers to dry and press, as they preserve well. So you can get your money’s worth and have your roses last forever! 

7. Daisy Spray 

Daisy spray is typically available in white and looks beautiful in your wedding bouquet or centerpieces. They are wonderful for Spring and Summer weddings, adding a natural touch to your bouquet. We love them at outdoor weddings too! 

Daisy spray is a cheap flower but they look gorgeous. You can find them in other colors too, but white is the most common.

As they are affordable, they are an easy flower to use if you want to fill your wedding with flowers. Plus, they are good to use entertaining children too, they can take some flowers from the centerpieces to make daisy chains! 

8. Snapdragons 

Snapdragons look a little different from other flowers on today’s list, but don’t let that put you off! They are a versatile flower that comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to find a color that will suit your wedding theme. 

The tall flowers feature blooms tracking up the stem and a spikey top. The green foliage around them provides a nice contrast in your bouquet.

They can be paired with a range of flowers too and add a new texture to your bouquet. Plus, they make wonderful centerpieces, especially if you have tall vases to fill! 

9. Lilies 

We mentioned earlier that not everyone likes Lilies at a wedding, but if you do, you are in luck! Lilies are stunning flowers that are also affordable!

While white lilies are typically associated with funerals, there are so many other colors! Pink lilies look beautiful in a wedding bouquet and as centerpieces. 

What we love about lilies is how wide they are. You would only need a few and your wedding bouquet would look full! Pair with other affordable flowers, or you can have them on their own for a striking bouquet that won’t break the bank. 

10. Freesia 

Not only are freesias affordable and stunning, but they last for up to three weeks in a vase! They are a wonderful flower to have at your wedding, especially if you plan to keep them after the big day 

You can get up to eight blooms on one stalk too, helping to give you a full and luscious looking bouquet. You can find freesias in a variety of colors like pink, purple, red, and yellow.

We think freesias look wonderful in a bouquet on their own with a few different colors, but they also look wonderful with baby’s breath or alstroemeria. 

11. Queen Anne’s Lace 

If you are having a summer wedding and want some texture in your bouquet, you need Queen Anne’s Lace! The small white flowers are surrounded by green foliage, adding some lovely green to your bouquet (Also check out Amazing Greenhouse Weddings). 

The stems are slender, so you can add green to your bouquet without there being too much green. It’s the perfect balance for anyone that wants some green in their bouquet without it overpowering the other colors you have. 

It can get confused with baby’s breath, but these white blooms are clustered together with a flat top.

12. Sunflower 

Sunflowers are the perfect flower to add to a summer wedding bouquet (Also check out Stunning Sunflower Wedding Cakes). Plus, they are affordable and stunning!

The large flowers feature bright petals that will add brightness to any bouquet! We love them as centerpieces in long, tall vases, adding brightness to every table. 

Sunflowers look wonderful in a bouquet either with other flowers or on their own. If you are looking to add color to your wedding, sunflowers are an affordable and beautiful way to do it! 

13. Waxflower 

Finally, we have waxflower, a stunning and affordable flower! You get so many small blooms on each stem, allowing you to fill your bouquet up easily with this flower. They are wonderful in bouquets, centerpieces, and even corsages! 

The flowers come in a variety of two-tone colors, allowing you to find the perfect color that matches your wedding theme. The flowers are delicate and press beautifully too, allowing you to preserve your wedding bouquet with ease. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, 13 stunning wedding flowers on a budget that we highly recommend! All of these flowers come in a variety of colors allowing you to find the perfect one for your wedding.

Now you don’t need to worry about your flower budget for your wedding, use any of the 13 flowers mentioned today or a mixture and you are sure to have stunning flowers at your wedding! 

Cody Olivier
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