20 Stunning Wedding Arch Flowers We Highly Recommend

If you want to make your wedding day extra special then you should consider a flower arch. They are romantic, visually impressive and they look stunning on your wedding photographs.

Wedding Arch Flowers

The bride and groom can have pictures in front of the flower arch, and so can the guests. It can also be used to frame special moments like the cutting of the cake. 

When it comes to choosing flowers for the arch, there are several things to think about. If you plan on moving the arch into different positions (such as outdoors and then indoors) then you need hardy flowers.

If you want to keep the flower arch outside then you need to make sure that the flowers won’t wilt in the sun. How long can the flowers last out of water? Which colors would work with your theme? And which flowers are in season? 

All of this can be quite overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our recommendations for stunning flowers you can use for a wedding arch. 

1. Delphinium

Delphinium is a stunning flower which creates an interesting pointed shape, perfect for adding some texture to your flower arch.

They bloom in early summer and sometimes have a second bloom in late summer or early fall depending on the climate. They tend to come in shades in blue and they symbolize good fortune, cheerfulness and encouragement. 

2. Hydrangea 

Hydrangeas are lavish flowers that bloom in a round shape of beautiful petals. Depending on which color you choose they can symbolize love, peace, harmony, gratitude, grace or beauty.

You can choose from white or various shades of pink, blue and lilac. Hydrangeas bloom in mid to late summer and the large blooms are very showy, perfect for a flower arch. They need plenty of hydration. 

3. Peony 

Peonies are known for their sweet scent and delicately soft petals. They bloom in beautiful round flowers from March all the way through to the end of May and early June.

They have lots of different meanings in various cultures – condolences, apologies, good fortune, honor and compassion. They have a romantic, whimsical appearance and they come in white, red, pink and yellow. 

4. Rose

Roses are one of the most well known flowers. They add a touch of elegance and enchantment to any wedding, creating a romantic feel.

Roses have many meanings depending on the color – white roses signify innocence, red roses are for romance, pink roses are for desire, yellow roses are for friendship and orange roses are for encouragement.

Roses have a long bloom time between late spring and early fall. 

5. Gypsophila 

Gypsophila, also known as baby’s breath, is often used as a filler for bouquets and centerpieces. It also works very well in a flower arch, either on its own or alongside other flowers.

It symbolizes everlasting love which is one of the reasons why it is so popular at weddings and has been used in marriage ceremonies for hundreds of years. It is also used to celebrate newborn babies. Gypsophila blooms from summer through to fall. 

6. Sunflower

If you are looking to introduce a pop of color to your summer wedding then why not try a bold flower like sunflowers (Also check out Stunning Sunflower Wedding Cakes). They tend to bloom in August with bright yellow petals and a dark center.

Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and adoration which makes them a wonderful choice for a wedding. They look excellent with vibrant greenery and other brightly colored flowers in shades of deep red and orange. 

7. Orchid

Orchids are a spring flower. They are known for being difficult to grow and care for, but they have a stunning appearance which is perfect for adding elegance and sophistication to your wedding.

Orchids symbolize love and beauty as well as refinement and thoughtfulness. They also thought to bring fertility to help the newlyweds have a big family. 

8. Lily

Lilies are very showy flowers that bloom from early summer through to the fall. They come in various colors and patterns so you will be able to find a variety that is perfect for your wedding.

The different types of lilies have different meanings, but they tend to symbolize innocence and purity as well as fertility. Lilies are toxic and the pollen can be harmful to animals so remember to keep this in mind. 

9. Protea

Protea, also called sugarbushes, are flowers native to South Africa. They are large with a white center and pink petals, and have a very distinctive appearance.

If you want to add some interesting texture and shape to your flower arch then this is a great choice. They symbolize diversity and courage as well as change and transformation.

10. Anthurium 

Anthuriums come in various colors but the most popular is deep red. They are often used in tropical flower arrangements and they can add some color and interest to your wedding arch.

They symbolize hospitality which is ideal if you have a large wedding with lots of guests. Pair them with other colorful flowers and some greenery in a flamboyant style to create a truly impressive wedding arch. 

11. Dahlia

Dahlias are a symbol of love and devotion and were very popular during the Victorian period. They also represent beauty and dignity.

The round blooms with pointed petals in a uniform shape are very striking and come in various colors including white, peach, red, lavender, yellow and orange. They tend to bloom through July and August making them a great choice for a summer wedding. 

12. Poppy

Poppies are a symbol of hope and remembrance. They are often used in weddings which involve members of the military, either in the couple or as a close family member.

Poppies can also be used amongst other flowers to add a splash of color as they come in red, white, purple and black. Poppies will bloom from June through to September. 

13. Snapdragon

Snapdragon flowers have different meanings depending on the colors but are thought to help women find true love.

They grow upwards into a point which creates an interesting shape, adding texture to any flower arrangement or wedding arch. You can use them at the base pointing upwards, or overhead hanging down to create a romantic, enchanting look. 

14. Ranunculus 

Ranunculus flowers symbolize charm and attraction which is perfect for brides and weddings. They come in various different colors including white, yellow, orange, red and pink.

They have a round shape which is similar to roses with straighter petals. These stunning flowers bloom from late spring to early fall. 

15. Dusty Miller 

Dusty miller has long been associated with hope, purity and innocence which is why it has been used at weddings.

The flowers are small and fine, making it a great filler for bouquets, centerpieces and flower arches. It blooms all summer long and is a hardy plant that can easily withstand full sunlight. 

16. Queen Anne Lace 

Queen Anne’s Lace is another type of fine flower that creates a spray effect, ideal for adding texture and delicate white blooms to wedding flowers.

It looks lovely on its own for a simple arch or used alongside more extravagant blooms. It blooms from June through to September and symbolizes safety and sanctuary. 

17. Wisteria 

Wisteria is a stunning hanging flower that creates a magical, enchanting feel and is perfect for a romantic wedding arch. It blooms from late April to early May and is often a symbol of love and romance.

It can also be used to mean devotion, even after death, and good fortune. Wisteria comes in shades of white, pink and blue. 

18. Carnation 

Carnations are a popular wedding flower that blooms in late Spring. They have round blooms with showy petals and they come in various colors including shades of pink, white, yellow and red.

Carnations symbolize all different kinds of love, which makes them an ideal choice for a wedding arch. They can be paired with other flowers and different textures or used on their own with some greenery. 

19. Stock Flowers 

Stock flowers come in white, lavender, peach, yellow, and shades of purple. They bloom from late spring right through into fall. These flowers symbolize a happy, contended existence and they look fantastic in rustic wedding celebrations. 

20. Lily Of The Valley 

Lily of the Valley is a simple but stunning flower that symbolizes love and purity as well as joy, happiness and luck. They are a spring flower, with delicate bell shaped blooms in white.

They are small, so might be best paired with larger flowers. They are known for their light, fresh scent that is reminiscent of spring. 


The best flowers to use in a flower arch will depend on the theme of the wedding and where you plan on placing your flower arch.

Don’t forget to add some greenery to the flower arch for contrasting color and textures. You can try eucalyptus, palm leaves, pine, spruce and even succulents.

Cody Olivier
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