10 Stunning Sunflower Wedding Cakes We Highly Recommend

It’s very common for a wedding cake to be decorated with a myriad of flowers, but sunflowers are a fairly uncommon option. Sunflowers are large, bright, and the complete opposite of subtle and delicate – making them perfect for a happy and vibrant wedding. 

Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Sunflowers are actually one of the best flowers you could pick for a wedding cake. They represent loyalty, longevity, and adoration – everything which had just been expressed in the wedding vows.

So, what better way to exemplify your love for your significant other than with a bright sunflower wedding cake? 

If you need some inspiration on how to include sunflowers into your dream wedding cake, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 stunning sunflower wedding cakes we highly recommend!

1. Simple Yet Effective Sunflower Wedding Cake 

If you want the sunflowers to be the main focus of your wedding cake, check out this wedding cake. This is a simple three-tiered wedding cake, consisting of simplistic white fondant with horizontal detailing and beautiful sunflowers. 

This cake is a great example of how you can use different varieties of sunflowers for your wedding cake. The flowers aren’t offensively bright yellow – instead, the petals are darker and somewhat muted. 

Paired with dusty green foliage, and you’ve got yourself a colorful yet surprisingly minimalistic wedding cake. The minimal decorations also mean you can cut the cake easily without having to deconstruct the whole thing!

2. Rustic Naked Sunflower Wedding Cake 

Naked cakes are becoming increasingly popular for their minimalist and rustic appearance. They look something like distressed wood, with the frosting spread across the cake in a light layer to allow parts of the cake itself to peek through. 

Not only are naked cakes rustic and attractive, but they also use way less frosting than other cakes, which is ideal for those who don’t like too much frosting! This might also help to keep the total cost slightly lower. 

Sunflowers are a great addition to naked cakes, especially if the tiers are made of white cake sponges. The yellow of the sponge will work beautifully with the yellow of the sunflowers. Adding small white flowers helps to add to the rustic and vintage look. 

3. Shabby Chic Sunflower Cake 

Wedding cakes are all about the decoration. If you’re looking for a simple yet elegantly shabby chic cake, check this one out. 

Consisting of three layers covered in a smooth white fondant, this cake is smartly decorated with sunflowers, daisies, and straw wrapped around the tiers. It’s a great look for a rustic wedding, or a wedding held in the countryside, thanks to the addition of the beige straw. 

Due to the simplicity and brightness of this cake, it is the ideal cake for a spring wedding – or even a wedding of farmers! This is a great example of how you don’t have to go overboard with decorations to have a tasteful wedding cake. 

4. Sunflower Waterfall Wedding Cake 

If you’ve got a particular connection to sunflowers, you might as well go all out with your wedding cake. This wedding cake is an example of how you can use the brightness of sunflowers to your advantage, and it’s likely to put a smile on your guests’ faces. 

This cake consists of three tiers that are decorated with white frosting. You can keep the frosting smooth, or ask for a more rustic finish with smooth lines and marks created by a knife.

Whatever you choose, the base needs to be minimal for the sunflowers to be the main event. 

The sunflowers start at the top of the cake, falling down to the bottom like a waterfall. It’s vivid and colorful, and is great for bringing out yellow highlights if that is a color theme you’re aiming for. 

5. Natural Sunflower Wedding Cake 

We love this cake for countless reasons. Firstly, it’s the perfect wedding cake for a natural or rustic wedding. The tiers are decorated to look like chunks of a tree trunk, and the addition of small wildflowers and sunflowers make it look like it just came out of the forest. 

Our favorite part about this cake, however, is the small inscription of the newly-weds’ initials in an arrow heart.

This is a classic sign that you see all over the world, scratched into real trees or written on walls, to indicate a couple that will stay together forever. It’s a beautiful addition to such a pretty and unique cake. 

Plus, as it’s only a two-tiered cake, this is a great option for smaller weddings, so you don’t have to waste all the cake. 

6. Yellow Sunflower Wedding Cake 

If you’ve got a real affinity for yellow, or if your wedding theme follows a yellow color, you might as well opt for a yellow cake! This is a great example of a yellow wedding cake that isn’t too vibrant, but also doesn’t match the traditional wedding cake style. 

This is a simple two-tiered cake that is perfect for a smaller wedding. The tiers are covered in a pale yellow frosting, and decorated with a mixture of sunflowers and daisies. It’s bright yet muted, and perfect for a spring or summer wedding. 

7. Sunflower Wedding Cupcakes 

Who said you have to serve your guests a slice of wedding cake? Not everyone is a big fan of wedding cakes, and would much rather opt for smaller cupcakes instead. So, why not consider some sunflower cupcakes for your wedding? 

These sunflower cupcakes are adorable, and are likely to cost far less than a large wedding cake. Of course, this doesn’t stop you from having a wedding cake as well – the cupcakes can be an added extra for those who want to snack throughout the reception. 

Cupcakes are also a good option for those who accidentally miss out on a slice of the real wedding cake. Alternatively, you can save even more money on a wedding cake by opting for a dummy cake, which can be used as a decoration while people eat the cupcakes. 

8. Painted Sunflower Wedding Cake 

You don’t even need to cover your cake in real or fake sunflowers to stick to your sunflower wedding cake theme (Also check out Amazing Fake Wedding Cakes). This wedding cake features delicately painted sunflowers, making for a simple and elegant cake that stands out from most traditional wedding cakes.  

One bonus to having painted sunflowers on your cake is that you don’t have to take off the decorations while cutting the cake into slices. Instead, you can cut the cake as usual, and guests don’t have to worry about picking out stems and petals!

Just keep in mind that the sunflowers are hand-painted by the cake maker, and are likely to increase the cost of the cake due to added labor. Still, it’s a worthy price for such a stunning cake. 

9. Black Sunflower Wedding Cake 

If you’re not a fan of traditional wedding cakes, or if your wedding does not follow a traditional theme, then check out this black sunflower cake.

Sunflowers might be known for their vivid yellow petals, but it’s the dark inner circle that truly makes sunflowers pop. So, why not emphasize that contrast with a pitch black cake? 

This cake is nothing short of dramatic. The mixture of black and gold fondant makes for a stark contrast, working beautifully with the sunflowers. It’s a true statement piece, and certainly a perfect photo opportunity. 

10. Gold Drip Sunflower Wedding Cake 

Gold paint drop cakes have become all the rage in recent years. It’s a stylish and attractive trend that looks even more classy paired with the naked cake beneath it.

The drip is usually achieved by dripping a runny mixture of frosting or cream, along with a coloring such as gold. 

This cake works beautifully with the sunflower on the side and top. The gold helps to emphasize the yellow color theme without being too garish. Instead, it’ll be the talk of the reception. 


So, there you have it! Sunflowers might be an underrated flower for a wedding cake, but they certainly make for a beautiful centerpiece. Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to find your perfect sunflower wedding cake. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Real Sunflowers To Decorate A Cake? 

Yes, you can use real sunflowers to decorate a cake! It’s often better to use real sunflowers compared to fake ones, which often look too unrealistic. However, sunflowers are not edible, so the entire flower will need to be removed when you slice the cake. 

Also, using real sunflowers means that you can’t take them home to keep forever, unless you press and dry them. Using fake sunflowers means you can keep them as a memory past the special day. 

What Season Is A Sunflower Wedding? 

Sunflowers bloom in early fall. As a result, the best season for a sunflower wedding is throughout summer.

This is also because sunflowers are associated with the sun, which is also associated with the height of summer. So, adding sunflowers into your summer wedding is bound to make your wedding even brighter. 

Cody Olivier
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