10 Stunning Small Wedding Cakes We Highly Recommend

Traditionally wedding cakes have always been a bit of a spectacle. Wedding cakes have always been designed to be pretty impressive, with multiple tiers, intricate detailing, and lots more to make them classic and beautiful.

Small Wedding Cakes

However, in recent years, a lot of people are making big changes when it comes to their Wedding cakes. Instead of choosing large and impressive Wedding Cakes that act as showstoppers on their big day, a lot of people are instead opting for smaller cakes.

You don’t need an extremely large wedding cake to be able to cut the cake. For many people, large cakes are an unnecessary expense. Especially as a lot of people don’t actually eat any Wedding cake.

So if you are planning a smaller wedding, or a Wedding on a budget, then a smaller wedding cake might be a good idea (Also check out Stunning Walmart Wedding Cakes).

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 10 Stunning Small Wedding Cakes that we highly recommend. Read on for all the inspiration you could need!

1. Delicate Flower Wedding Cake

The first small wedding cake that we would recommend is this delicate Flower Wedding Cake. We love this design because it is essentially a smaller version of a larger 3 tier wedding cake, so it is perfect for anyone who likes a traditional wedding cake.

This small and delicate wedding cake truly is beautiful. The flowers on the wedding cake really emphasize that it is a wedding cake, and its bright white icing is perfect for your special day.

If you want a small and understated wedding cake that is truly beautiful, this is the perfect Cake to use as inspiration. We’re confident you’ll love it!

2. Single Tier Wedding Cake

Alternatively, you might opt for a single tier wedding cake instead. Single Tier Wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular because they are perfect for smaller wedding parties. So if you haven’t got a lot of cakes, this wedding cake Is a great one to consider.

This single tier wedding cake is really beautiful. It won’t be expensive to have made for your special day, and there will be more than enough to serve everyone at your wedding. 

With detailing in the piping, there is everything to love about this cake, and the flowers add the perfect finishing touch. It really is a wedding cake to consider!

3. Fall Flowers Wedding Cake

If you loved the style of icing on that wedding cake, we’re confident that you’ll love this Fall Flowers Wedding Cake. 

This 2-tier wedding cake is iced in a very similar style to the cake that we just looked at. However, it is made up of 2 tiers to make it a little more impressive and to allow it to serve more people.

The Fall Flowers really are the finishing touch for anyone getting married in the fall months.

With intricate detailing, a beautiful finish, and a cake that is really going to impress, we’re confident you’ll love this wedding cake! 

4. Naked Wedding Cake

Something that has become increasingly popular in recent years is Naked Wedding cakes. If you are looking for a smaller, naked wedding cake then this cake is the perfect inspiration for you.

This partially naked cake is iced just enough to make it look like a wedding cake, but it still sustains the organic and natural look of a wedding cake. It comes with fruit detailing and has a variety of cupcakes that come with it too.

If you are interested in a beautiful wedding cake that will look very fancy while also remaining small, this is a brilliant cake to choose from. So you should definitely consider using this wedding cake as your inspiration!

5. Macaron Detailed Wedding Cake

Alternatively, if you love macarons and want a wedding cake that is a little more fancy, this is a great cake to use as inspiration. This macaron detailed cake is truly beautiful and definitely worth considering. 

When it comes to smaller wedding cakes, this cake is definitely one of the smallest on this list. However, the detailing on this cake more than makes up for the size. It is perfect for any spring or summer weddings and is guaranteed to be a hit among your guests.

This wedding cake is beautiful and understated which is perfect for a smaller wedding. We love this cake, and we’re confident that you will too!

6. Super Cute Wedding Cheesecake

We also love this super cute wedding Cheesecake. This wedding cake is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid people wasting their Wedding cake because they haven’t long finished eating their dessert.

This wedding cake is perfect for anybody who loves Cheesecake. It has a larger Cheesecake that can be used to “cut the cake”, and also comes with a variety of smaller cheesecakes that you can serve to your guests.

So you really get the best of both worlds as you can cut your cake without having to cut it up for all your guests.

With this small wedding cake, your guests won’t have to choose between dessert or wedding cake. Instead, they can simply enjoy both at the same time. So you should definitely use this cake for inspiration!

7. Pink Detail Wedding Cake

Traditionally, wedding cakes are completely white. However, if you want to move away from this tradition with your small wedding cake, then this pink detailed wedding cake is perfect.

This wedding cake is beautiful if you want a wedding cake that will combine white and pink icing to create a cake that wows your guests. It is a beautiful cake with intricate detailing, including pearls that add the perfect finishing touch to the cake.

With lots of different colored icing and pearl detailing, this cake looks very spectacular for a small wedding cake. So it is definitely one to consider!

8. Fruit Covered Wedding Cake

Another beautiful wedding cake design that you certainly should consider is this fruit-covered wedding cake. This smaller cake is a beautiful design, and the fruit really makes it look impressive. 

This 2-tier wedding cake is perfect for anyone who wants a smaller wedding cake that will impress your guests. It comes with a variety of different fruits on top of it that not only make it look beautiful but also make it taste delicious too.

So if you are looking for inspiration for your spring or summertime wedding, this is a great cake to consider!

9. Personal Touch Wedding Cake

This next small wedding cake is perfect for anybody who wants a fun and personal touch to the design of their cake. 

While this cake lacks the perfect finish that some of the other cakes in this list have, it is rich in character. The messy style of icing actually looks amazing, and the way that the initials of the newlyweds are engraved into the icing is absolute genius. 

If you aren’t somebody who likes to have everything pristine and perfect, this really is a brilliant wedding cake. So you should definitely check it out!

10. Small Yet Classic Wedding Cake

Finally, we couldn’t make this guide without including this super cute small yet classic wedding cake.

This single tier wedding cake is great. It is made up of lots of layers of cake, so even with a single layer, you’ll be able to serve lots of people. 

If you want a small wedding cake that perfectly balances between traditional and innovative, this is the cake to use as your inspiration!


In short, there are lots of beautiful Small Wedding Cakes out there that you could use as inspiration for your big day. 

There are tons of different options out there, and lots of different Cakes that will be perfect for your big day. From a small yet classic white Wedding cake to an adorable wedding Cheesecake, there are lots of options for you.

In this guide, we have taken a look at 10 of the best Small Wedding Cakes for your special day.

Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Does A Small Wedding Cake Feed?

If you choose a small wedding cake for your special day, it can be difficult to know how many people a small wedding cake will serve. 

Generally speaking, a small 8-inch wedding cake will serve around 20–25 people from a single tier. So if you opt for a smaller, double-tier wedding cake then a small wedding cake will likely feed around 30–40 people which is usually plenty for a small wedding.

Should Wedding Cake Feed Everyone?

Budgeting wedding cakes for your guests isn’t always the easiest task. It can be difficult to understand how many people will actually eat the wedding cake, and you might want to avoid spending too much money on a wedding cake if people are going to waste it. 

Generally, you should budget your wedding cake to serve around 90% of your wedding guests.

Not everyone in the wedding party will eat the wedding cake, so if you budget for around 90% of your guests, everyone who wants a slice of wedding cake should be able to have some.

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