14 Fabulous Rustic Wedding Cakes You Should Consider

Don’t ya just love rustic wedding cakes? I don’t know about you, but I sure do!

Rustic Wedding Cakes

They lend a feeling of authenticity to the event, as if to demonstrate that this love between two people is steadfast and homely. It just looks so much more friendly and welcoming.

It’s also a mile away from those overly made-up, trying-too-hard wedding cakes with their needless excess trimmings.

So, in the spirit of adorning your wedding cake table with a gorgeous rustic wedding cake, we have carefully put together this round-up of the best rustic wedding cakes you could dream up.

So, cue the inspiration, here goes!

(The following rustic wedding cakes aren’t listed in any particular order.)

1. 3-Tier Barrel Wedding Cake

What a fabulous idea – each tier of the wedding cake is designed to look like the outside of a wooden barrel. Very rustic, and very original. The icing is designed to give the appearance of wood and is put on in panels.

There’s also edible flowers and foliage, both between some of the tiers and also on display at the very top of the cake.

2. Male and Female Reindeer Wedding Cake

How about this cake for a rustic nature theme for your wedding cake?

The bulk of it is a rather simple design, 3 beautiful off-white tiers, complete with scratches in the frosting and darker lines for a really rustic aesthetic.

Layered on each tier are twigs and wildflowers and tiny edible candy eggs. Then engraved into the icing of the middle tier, there’s a cute heart shape with an arrow going through it, and the couple’s initials inside the heart.

And as a superb finishing touch, the topper has two deer representing the bride and groom, a female deer with a veil and garter for the bride and a male deer with antlers and a bow tie for the groom.

3. Tree Stump Cake with Toppers

This is a very lovely yet also very simple idea. It has two tiers, each composed of two round cakes, and the outside of these tiers has been modeled so that they look like a column of tree stumps, with very realistic looking bark beautifully displayed.

But the pièce de résistance has to be the twee little topper which sits center stage. There are two wood-look dollhouse chairs, one with a sign reading “Mr” and the other “Mrs”.

On the Mr chair there’s a black hat, while on the Mrs chair there’s a tiny white veil, and a tiny bouquet of flowers.

The chairs are facing a campfire made by an arrangement of little stones. Reaching from each chair is a twig with a mini marshmallow on the end, as though there are a married couple roasting marshmallows at a campfire.

4. Naked Rustic Wedding Cake

This is what they call a naked wedding cake, because it’s a simple 3-tier cake, with minimal frosting, giving the appearance of an almost naked cake. It looks very rustic, natural, and understated.

It’s presented on what looks like a tree stump, but isn’t. And the cake has a minimalist aesthetic, not only with regard to minimal frosting but also when it comes to other embellishments, with occasional flowers and foliage used sparingly both around and on top of the cake.

5. 5-Tier Elegant Naked Wedding Cake

I guess this one is kinda borderline between a traditional wedding cake and a much more rustic one, since it is a naked cake with visible sponge on each of the staggering 5 tiers.

But at the same time, there’s also an incredibly pretty, elegant, and intricate floral pattern done with real care and attention and precision.

This pattern is made with icing starting with the bottom tier and also featuring on other tiers alternately, on the middle and top tiers, respectively.

And as a beautiful finishing touch, there are also mini bouquets of flowers positioned here and there.

6. 3-Tier Naked Wedding Cake

This is such a lovely 3-tier cake – it looks super rustic and it’s perfect for depicting the different flavors of each of the tiers because it’s a naked wedding cake where much of the sponge is clearly visible.

It’s presented on what looks like a tree stump, but isn’t. The decorating of the cake is very stripped back and simple, and the embellishments are very fitting.

For example, there are small bunches of foliage and fruit to decorate both on the outside and on the top of the cake, together with quaint miniature bunting, where the flags read “Just Married”.

7. Rustic Alternate Tier Cake

Now this is a really nice wedding cake, simultaneously rustic yet very elegant. Four tiers tall, the base tier has been carefully designed to look like a tree stump with a chocolate bark like effect on the outer edge.

As is the alternate tier, third from the bottom and second from the top. Meanwhile, the remaining tiers are perfectly elegant and simple in a smooth off-white. There’s also some nice foliage and twigs incorporated into the cake for full effect.

8. Banana and Nut Rustic Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes rarely look as rustic as this! It’s simply two sponge cakes, one positioned on top of the other, with cream cementing the cakes together, leaving the outer edges naked for a really rustic look.

There’s more cream to cover the top of the cake, which is then loaded with a delicious looking combination of nuts and chopped pieces of banana, in a haphazard fashion, which then all gets drizzled with a sweet caramel sauce.

Guests will have to be held back from eating it ahead of time, it’s so appetizing.

9. Multi-Tier Rainbow Cake With Flowers

This is a super pretty wedding cake that’s an absolute joy to behold, and can also be tasty to eat too. It has multiple tiers layered on top of one another with frosting in various pretty colors, with some sponge left bare for a truly rustic aesthetic.

And to beautify it even more, there’s also a selection of small flower embellishments to add even more color and joy around the outside of certain tiers and on the top of the cake as well.

10. Rustic Cake with Painted Wildflowers and Greenery

This is also a great idea for a rustic wedding cake. It features two tall tiers decorated with a smooth frosting, and on top of this there’s a ring of painted wildflowers on the outer edge of each tier.

It’s expertly done with not a stitch out of place, and it looks wonderfully rustic.

11. Forest Themed Rustic Wedding Cake

We just love this rustic wedding cake with its distinctive fruits of the forest theme.

It’s what can be described as a naked cake, since even though there is some frosting, much of the sponge layers remain visible. It stands on a mount specially designed to look like a tree stump, with a bark effect around the edge.

There are three tiers in total with an off-white frosting, and each tier is decorated with various fruits of the forest, including the likes of strawberries and blackberries. 

12. Fall Themed Wedding Cake

Fall is such a lovely theme for a rustic wedding cake, and it’s super simple to put together. There are 4 tiers in total, with a traditional white frosting that has been applied in such a way as to produce a textured effect.

The cake is on a display that looks like a slice of tree, complete with realistic bark. And at the base of each tier there are decorations such as fall foliage and fruits, which are then also displayed on the top of the wedding cake as well. So lovely.

13. Rustic Wedding Cake plus Cupcakes

This is such a refreshing idea for a rustic wedding cake, and it’s perfect for a wedding where there are lots of guests, and you suspect that even a tall 3-tier cake won’t be enough.

The main cake is a naked cake with minimal cream frosting between the sponge layers and around the sponge. This is then decorated with pretty mini bouquets of flowers.

But it’s what’s positioned underneath the cake that really makes this idea stand out, because there are 3 place boards underneath where your guests will be presented with a selection of yummy cupcakes designed to match the main wedding cake in both color and flavor.

14. Cheese Wedding Cake!

And now for something completely different! This rustic wedding cake isn’t actually a cake – the tiers are not different colors of round sponge cake, but large portions of various cheeses!

It will certainly be memorable for the wedding guests, and it can be nice to concentrate on savory foods. You can decorate the cheese wedding cake with a variety of different fruit too.

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our round-up, we’re sure you’ll agree that there are some really great ideas there to consider.

And if you take your favorite rustic wedding cake ideas on board, you’re sure to have a beautiful cake as part of your very special day.

Thanks for reading!

Cody Olivier
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