15 Best Mexican Wedding Cakes You Should Consider

Deciding on the design of your wedding cake is one of the biggest decisions you must make for your wedding day.

Mexican Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is one of the major focal points for your wedding day, and if you have planned to have photographs taken as you cut the cake, you likely want it to look perfect. But deciding on a design for your cake isn’t an easy decision. 

If you haven’t got a “dream” design for your wedding cake, then you should do your research to really decide what you want from your wedding cake (Also check out Amazing Christmas Wedding Cakes).

Searching for inspiration is the best way to find a wedding cake design that really speaks to you. So, do a lot of looking before you decide on a design. 

If you are interested in a Mexican wedding cake, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of the best Mexican wedding cake designs you should consider for your big day. So what are you waiting for?

Keep on reading for all the inspiration you could need! 

1. Simple Mexican Sheet Wedding Cake

The first cake that we would recommend is this lovely, simple Mexican sheet wedding cake. If you are serving lots of guests, you really cannot go wrong with a sheet cake, simply because it is so simple to cut.

This cake isn’t extravagant, and it won’t break the bank, but it will taste absolutely delicious. So, why not consider a simple sheet cake for your big day?

2. Rustic and Whimsical Mexican Cake

Another brilliant cake to consider is this rustic and whimsical Mexican wedding cake. This 4-tier cake is a real spectacle and the complete opposite of the last wedding cake that we looked at.

This rustic cake combines tiers of different heights and depths to create a cake that is impressive to look at, while also clearly having Mexican inspiration behind the design. It is definitely a cake to consider!

3. Flower-Detailing Mexican Wedding Cake

We also adore this flower-detailing Mexican wedding cake. This cake is brilliant because it follows the very traditional Mexican style of wedding cakes by having the entire cake iced in white buttercream.

On top of the buttercream, colorful flowers are intricately iced to give a beautiful, cultural finish to the cake. We’re confident that you’ll love this design! 

4. Intricately Iced Mexican Wedding Cake

This next design really is a showstopper. This tiered cake is filled with intricate icing to give it a really colorful finish. This cake looks expensive, and like a lot of effort has gone into designing it.

That is simply because it has. This cake won’t be cheap to have made for you, but it is definitely worth the money if you want an impressive wedding cake. You should definitely check it out!

5. Mexican Embroidery Wedding Cake

Another design that is very similar to the one that we just looked at, but different enough to make it special is this Mexican Embroidery Wedding Cake.

This wedding cake also features incredibly intricate icing in a variety of colors to really give it a bright finish. In addition to the bright icing, this cake is also decorated with bright and beautiful flowers for a very special finish. We think you’ll love this cake! 

6. Simple Yet Sweet Mexican Wedding Cake

Alternatively, if you are hoping for a wedding cake that is a little more simple, then this is the design that we would recommend. This wedding cake is truly beautiful, and clearly Mexican-inspired, without being too colorful.

This simple two-tier cake is perfect for anyone who wants a more relaxed wedding vibe, while also featuring Mexican culture. You will love this cake!

7. Colorful Mexican Wedding Cake

In total contrast to the last wedding cake that we looked at, this next one is really in your face. The cake is bright and colorful with one orange tier and one blue tier.

It is very different from a traditional white Mexican wedding cake, but it is still clearly linked to this culture. With colorful flowers used to decorate the cake, it really is a treat. You should definitely consider this design! 

8. Classic Mexican Wedding Cake

This next design is a little more traditional. The white icing on the cake is lightly added to create a naked cake in certain areas. This adds more depth to the cake and really makes the design look beautiful.

This paired with the simple red, pink, and orange flowers that are used to decorate the cake make it truly beautiful. We simply love this design! 

9. Flower-Topped Mexican Wedding Cake

If you want your wedding cake to be extravagant and covered in flowers, then this is the design for you.

This 5-tier wedding cake is a real showstopper, and the flowers that are used to decorate it really make it impressive. It is very different from a traditional wedding cake, but it screams Mexico, so we’re sure you’ll love it! 

10. Stained Glass Detail Mexican Wedding Cake

If your dream wedding cake perfectly balances “traditional” with a pop of color, then this is the design for you. This wedding cake is made up of 4 tiers, 3 of which have very traditional icing.

The feature is added to the bottom layer where stained glass patterns are added for a cute and colorful finish. We love the combination of the different tiers, and definitely think you should consider this design!

11. Cinco de Mayo Mexican Wedding Cake

If you are searching for a Cinco de Mayo-inspired wedding cake, then this is the design for you.

The combination of reds, oranges, and blues in this cake is incredibly majestic and it creates a lovely finish on the wedding cake. This cake is perfect if you want a cultural wedding cake for your special day!

12. Blue Detailed Mexican Wedding Cake

Alternatively, if you liked the blue detailing on the last cake, but would prefer not to have any red or orange detailing on your cake, then this is a great design for you!

The blue detailing on the bottom tier of the cake is really beautiful, but it is also not too in your face. This design is a lot calmer and peaceful with a simple two-tier design, it is perfect if you want your wedding to be a little more understated. 

13. Pink and Red Flowers Mexican Wedding Cake

For an all-white Mexican wedding cake, this is the design to check out! This design is nice and simple as the entire cake itself is covered in white buttercream.

Color is then added to the cake with a flurry of red and pink flowers that are draped around the cake. It is a truly stunning design that is clearly inspired by Mexican culture. It is definitely a design to consider for your big day!

14. Fiesta Mexican Wedding Cake

This next cake is very similar to the last one that we looked at, it is just designed on a much larger scale. This 5-tier wedding cake is completely covered in white icing, and then flowers are added around the cake for decoration.

It is a showstopper wedding cake that is beautiful to look at, but not too fancy either. If you want a simple Mexican wedding cake that is very large in size, this is the design for you! 

15. Mexican Day of the Dead Inspired Wedding Cake

Finally, we had to include this Mexican Day of the Dead inspired Wedding cake.

If you want a wedding cake that gives a nod to your loved ones that are no longer here, this is a great design to consider. It is quirky and fun, and really pleasing to look at. You should definitely check out this design!


In short, there are lots of different excellent designs that you could use as inspiration for your Mexican wedding cake. No matter whether you want a simple sheet cake for your big day or a fancy 3-tier design with lots of intricate details, we’ve got you covered. 

After checking out this guide, we’re certain you’ll feel a little more confident in your decision, and happy about the choice you have made for your big day. 

Thank you for reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Is A Mexican Wedding Cake?

Most of the time, Mexican wedding cakes will have a light brown interior and will be covered with white icing.

The icing that is used to cover the cake will generally be either buttercream or royal icing, and it will always be white in color. Colored detailing will then be added to the icing on the cake, as we have seen in this guide. 

What Flavor Is Mexican Wedding Cake?

As you would expect, the Mexican wedding cake will generally be filled with flavor.

It will have sweet and tangy flavors from the pineapple in the cake, and it will also be nicely seasoned with a variety of spices. It is full of flavor and a truly delicious style of cake to eat. 

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