8 Fabulous Medieval Weddings You Should Consider

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Not only is it the day that you get to express your love for your partner on, but it’s also a day that (hopefully, anyway) is all about how you and your partner want to celebrate this special occasion.

8 Fabulous Medieval Weddings You Should Consider

One of the best ways to do that is through a theme, where everything is tailored towards creating a cohesive vision or idea that makes the day feel both momentous and perfectly tailored to the happy couple.

There are tons of different wedding themes that you can go for. Western cowboy weddings. 50’s rock and roll weddings. 80’s-style weddings. High-glam wedding. The list goes on.

However, if you’re looking for a wedding theme that feels like it is from another world and another time, then there’s only one theme that you can go for.

That’s right, it’s time for the medieval wedding. Equal parts fantastical, as well as fun and novel for everyone involved, a medieval-themed wedding bring the age of chivalry and honor to the most important day of your life.

However, while stone arches, coats of arms, and old-fashioned wreaths can do a lot of heavy lifting, sometimes you need to perfect location to help the whole thing come together.

That’s why, if you’re set on having a medieval-style wedding for yourself, we recommend checking out these venues!

1. Ashley Castle, Chandler, Arizona

Starting with a venue that is perfect if you’re going for a medieval wedding, we have this amazing stone locale in Arizona.

Overlooking the stunning Lake Winnipesaukee, this castle-like estate is just as splendid as the land that surrounds it.

With up to 16 rooms to use in this country estate, you’ll be given an amazing locale to hold your wedding, with all the extra old-fashioned furnishing that you could want for a medieval wedding.

And that’s not even talking about the castle grounds themselves. With gardens a-plenty, a sparkling fountain as the centerpiece for the gardens, and even a trolley to help transport guests between different venues on the property, this place has it all.

Oh yeah, did we forget to say that there are multiple venues for just this one locale? Yeah, it’s that exquisite!

So, if you’re looking for a medieval-esque venue to make your special day feel special, this is a great pick for a happy couple and their rag-tag bunch of merry men, women, and the whole family! 

2. Lumley Castle Hotel, Durham, United Kingdom

Of course, many of the castles and old-style wedding venues that you’ll find across the United States won’t have been built in medieval or even slightly later periods, but recreations from our popular media of what we imagine castles to be like.

Fun and amazing places to have medieval-themed weddings, no doubt. But if you’re looking for a true ‘castle’ to host the ye-olde special day, you may need to start looking a little further afield.

Fortunately for us, our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom have authentic castles to spare!

The moment that you see this place, you can immediately tell that this castle has that wow factor that you’re looking for in a medieval wedding.

The 600+-year-old castle, while modernized and renovated in certain areas, is still as eye-catching and old-feeling as you’d expect, in the best possible way!

It is a country and ocean away, so managing and planning for a wedding in this locale will take some work.

However, if you can, it will make for a wedding venue unlike any other and an amazing place to fulling get kitted out for a medieval wedding.

3. Boldt Castle, Alexandria Bay, New York

Back to the US, we go for this next entry, if you’re looking for venues that have a closer resemblance to the castle of medieval Europe, you’re probably going to have the most success on the East Coast.

Here, you’ll find not only enthusiasts with a love for older-style architecture but also some older buildings that we built surprisingly close to what we might call ‘medieval times’.

Boldt Castle, despite what its appearances may suggest, is a part of that former group, being commissioned and designed by millionaire George Boldt at the turn of the 20th century.

However, the many venues that you’ll find across the property are a testament to the craftsmanship on display here, looking like a classic medieval castle tower and other structures, and perfect for a middle-ages-themed wedding.

Plus, the fact that it was a present from Boldt to his wife, Louise, just radiates romantic feelings. So it is the perfect place for a romantic old-style wedding.

From the Alster tower building to the old-world-style manor of Boldt castle itself on heart island, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect locale.

Heck, even the powerhouse looks like a miniature old-world castle!

Plus, it’s built on heart island. Can you get more romantic than that?

Plus, the fact that the property is only reachable by boat, makes this a Riviera-style wedding venue that will make amazing memories for any special day!

4. Bill Miller’s Castle, Branford, Connecticut

Equal part rustic and yet elegant, Bill Miller’s Castle is the perfect place to get both comfortable and dressed up for a medieval-themed wedding!

Originally built as an extravagant horse barn in the late 19th century, the property was converted into a venue in the 1960s, turning it into an amazing place to hold weddings, especially if you’re going for an older vibe place.

From the crystal chandelier to the roaring fireplaces that you’ll find throughout the inside of the property, there are a ton of old-fashioned features that help make this palace feel more like a castle, the perfect place for a lord and lady of the medieval realm to wed!

Imagine just how amazing this place can look with just a few extra decorations. Candle-lit aisle, old-style cutlery, plates for the reception, and a bard-style band playing.

This place is already giving us so many ideas, and we’re not even planning a wedding. Imagine what you’ll be able to pull off in a venue like this!

5. Cherokee Ranch & Castle, Sedalia, Colorado

The Mid-West might feel like a strange place to find an old-style castle.

But with its historical inspiration and attention to detail, that’s exactly what Cherokee Ranch and Castle has to offer potential guests looking for a perfect spot in the Midwest to host a medieval wedding!

While the castle itself was only built a hundred years ago, the design is itself based on a classic 15th-century Scottish castle, making it an almost spitting image of those older styles of castles.

And, as a result, the perfect place to have your fantasy (or rather, medieval) wedding venue.

Just 30 miles out from Denver, and with 3,500 acres of space to use for your event, this feels like the grand center of an amazing wedding, fit for a king and queen!

Add to that the fact that the surrounding mountain peaks are visible from so many different angles and views, and this feels like a castle that’s been planted from its own time and place into now, for your wedding venue!

6. Lulworth Castle, Dorset, United Kingdom

There might not be a more castle-shaped castle than the one that you’ll find in this next entry!

With over a thousand acres of rolling gardens, meadows, and even sea views to check out, this venue feels perfect for a medieval-style wedding.

Plus, you’ll even be able to change up some of the standard decorations to make your wedding feel that much more unique!

7. Iolani Palace, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii might be the last place that you might think to find a medieval-style building to host your wedding (Also check out Stunning Weddings In Maui). However, that’s exactly what makes Iolani Palace so great as a venue for your old-fashioned wedding!

This is technically the only true castle that you will find on American soil, being the location for the Hawaiian royal family’s official residence until 1893. That’s right, it’s an actual castle that people lived in, as king and queen!

So, if you want to feel like a king and queen on your wedding day, you know that place that you have to pick! 

8. Gillette Castle, East Haddam, Connecticut

When it comes to a castle that looks like it could’ve been ripped straight from the medieval period, we look to Connecticut for our final entry into this list.

As you can see, this particular venue looks more like a medieval castle than pretty much any other on this list, especially in the mainland United States.

Then again, when you consider that the original owner and builder of this property was acclaimed actor, writer, inventor, and stage director William Gillette, lover of the arts, attention to detail, and old English culture, what else would you expect?

Final Notes

So, as you can see, getting a medieval wedding planned out is surprisingly simple. All you need is a castle as your main location, and you’re pretty much set to go!

And hopefully, thanks to this list that we’ve shown you, you now know that there are more castles ready for a wedding than you realize out there!

Cody Olivier
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