8 Amazing Greenhouse Weddings You Need To Check Out

Everyone wants their wedding day to be something special. For many happy couples, that means going all out on pretty much all forms of decorations and having the perfect itinerary planned out for your special day.

8 Amazing Greenhouse Weddings You Need To Check Out

For other couples, the schedule might take a back seat to other details. In particular, where exactly the wedding is taking place?

After all, if the day is going to stay in your memories and wedding pictures for the rest of your lives, you want to location to be something special too!

These locales can be any place that matters to the lucky couple, from natural beauty spots to hilltop manors to, in our case, beautiful greenhouses.

With a collection of gorgeous plants surrounding the vents, as well as often gorgeous buildings and architecture that house them, greenhouses are on many people’s lists as some of the best places to have weddings.

The only issue that you might find, is getting a little inspiration for a greenhouse wedding, or finding a venue near you.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help fix that problem! From locales to wedding ideas, this list that we have compiled has you covered!

1. Celeste, Chicago, Illinois

Starting us off in the windy city itself, Chicago is known for having its fair share of gorgeous greenhouse establishments across the city. One of our personal favorites, Celeste, is the perfect place for any big event, especially weddings.

Probably best known for the excellent restaurant that is based inside the greenhouse, the space is perfect for weddings too.

The fourth-floor garden rooftop is the perfect locale for both the main ceremony to take place, as well as plenty of pictures for the whole congregation to enjoy.

And when the main ceremony is over, you’re just a floor or two away from an amazing restaurant to host your wedding reception from.

It’s arguably the perfect place for a whole-package wedding. All in one location, and easy to find when you’re in Chicago. It’s an easy recommendation from us!

2. Planterra Conservatory, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Of course, if it’s the amazing photo opportunities that you’re looking for in a good greenhouse, then the Planterra Conservatory in Michigan has to be one of the best in the state!

This greenhouse was imported over from Belgium in Europe and is built in the same style that many greenhouses there are constructed in, giving it a very continental appearance, and a great background subject to have in plenty of wedding photos.

Of course, the greenhouse building is only a part of the equation here.

You’ll also find a whole host of amazing features at this greenhouse that makes for stunning wedding photography, from the koi pond that you’ll find inside, to the amazing stone archway that you’ll find here, pretty much everything is picture-perfect for the green wedding of your dreams!

3. Grass Room, Los Angeles, California

One of the things that we love about greenhouses is that they can be converted from a variety of different structures and buildings, giving them all sorts of character.

Take this particular greenhouse in LA, for example. Originally built in what was once a 1920s fish market, the Grass room is now the perfect home for a gorgeous variety of plants, and the perfect venue for big events.

So, naturally, it’s amazing for weddings too!

There’s a certain rustic, but well-kept charm about this greenhouse that none of the others have, which also makes it the perfect place for a wedding that is equal parts stunning and cozy.

It’s the kind of intimate space that is perfect for a small to mid-sized wedding (Also check out Amazing Backyard Weddings).

Plus, we particularly love the acoustics that this space gives you. Even if it has been modified in the past 100 years, it’s great for hearing voices echo across your wedding ceremony (it was a loud fish market once upon a time, after all)

4. Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Zoos are fun places to visit with friends and family. But for a wedding venue? That might be a step too far for some people.

But trust us when we say that Como Park Zoo, and its accompanying conservatory, are some of the best places to get married in Minnesota.

The main greenhouse conservatory at the center of the park is 64 feet tall and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful decorative pieces that you’ll find out there.

From the inner glass dome to the massive variety of flowering plants and bonsai that grow inside the space. It’s a sight to behold, especially with a bride and groom standing in the middle of it all.

It’s certainly unlike anywhere else in the world, that’s for sure!

If you’re looking for a venue that can house around 50 seated guests, this is a great, nature-filled greenhouse wedding for you to choose from!

5. The Horticulture Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The horticulture center in Philly is already a hotspot for people to visit, especially when located in Fairmount Park. Of course, people are going to want to get married, especially when it looks as amazing as it does!

Surrounded by luscious vegetation, there’ll be no shortage of amazing photo opportunities after the ceremony has finished.

Plus, with the space available for a reception, the whole event can be hosted here too. No need to worry about ferrying people to and from venue locations, which will save everyone the logistical headache!

Plus, this is a venue that is perfect for big weddings. With up to 300 spaces for guests, this is an amazing place for a wedding that everyone has to see.

And we mean EVERYONE!

6. Jorgensen Farms, Westerville, Ohio

Sometimes, you’re looking for venues that can house pretty much you and your partner’s entire extended family and friend groups, a giant space that can house 200-odd people or more.

But sometimes, when it comes to a special day like this, you want something a little smaller and more intimate, while still looking amazing.

These are some of the most common types of wedding locales out there, and often too many to choose from.

However, if you’re in Ohio, we might just have the perfect location for a wedding like this: The Jorgensen Farm in Westerville!

Based on an idyllic family-run organic farm, the greenhouse here is the perfect place to hold a smaller-scale ceremony for you, your partner, and your select few guests that you want as witnesses.

But small-scale doesn’t mean boring or bland. Far from it, in fact. For us, the smaller size of the overall locale makes the surprisingly spacious and stunning greenhouse stand out that much more!

Add to that plenty of space for dining and reception (with a seasonal menu to match, and there aren’t many other places in Ohio that we could recommend more!

7. Foundry, Long Island City, New York

Long Island City is an underrated gem in New York State, with a ton of great venues for weddings, especially if you’re looking for beautifully converted industrial areas.

The Foundry is a perfect example of this. A perfect blend of brick and mortar for those more down-to-earth feeling weddings, while still being surrounded by stunning natural beauty, there are few places in New York state quite like it!

Plus, the former 19th-century metal factory, (fully converted in the last 20 years) has plenty of space for a ton of guests, 3,000 square feet of space, to be exact!

Whether it’s the main hall or the amazing greenhouse that has been built on the property, you’re spoiled for choices when it comes to your perfect backdrop and setting.

We do love a venue with plenty of variety, after all!

8. Franklin Park Conservatory Botanical Gardens, Columbus, Ohio

Perhaps we spoke too soon.

Remember how we said that the Jorgensen Farm greenhouse would be a tough one to beat and match for any other place in Ohio?

Well, we may have found its match, in the Franklin Park Conservatory gardens, in Columbus! This amazing conservatory and botanical garden venue feels both like a natural upscaled green wedding, and also the polar opposite of Jorgensen’s Farm.

It’s still a gorgeous glass building, housing a massive selection of plants, especially tropical palms, ferns, flowers, and a ton of other greenery, making it a picture-perfect location.

However, this conservatory is a massive step up in overall size. With enough space to fit over 400 guests easily, this is a place that is meant for massive occasions.

Then again, is there a bigger occasion than your wedding day?

Overall, we love the vibes and atmosphere of both venues and know for a fact that a wedding in either of them would probably go down amazingly. It all comes down to your personal preferences.

The choice, in the end, is up to you!

Final Notes

So, as you can see, greenhouse weddings aren’t just amazing and unique locales to enjoy your wedding day in. They’re arguably an up-and-coming locale to host these events in!

So, will you be picking a greenhouse for your wedding?

Cody Olivier
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