14 Amazing DIY Wedding Flowers You Need To Check Out

When you are planning a wedding there are so many things that you need to pay for. It can get very expensive, so to stay within your budget you might need to do some things yourself.

DIY Wedding Flowers

One area you can cut down the cost is flowers – there are lots of ideas for amazing DIY wedding flowers that will help you to save money. Keep reading to find out more. 

1. Succulent Centerpieces

You can pick up inexpensive succulents from lots of different stores as well as florists. It is really easy to turn them into a centerpiece by adding some simple greenery.

Try to find succulents without potting soil if you can, as this will be less messy. Alternatively, you can use potted succulent plants as part of the centerpiece.

Succulents are also a great choice as they won’t wilt or droop throughout the day like fresh flowers – they will look fantastic all day and night. When the wedding is over, you could give them to some of your guests to take home. 

2. Boutonniere With Twine 

You can save a lot of money by making your own boutonnieres for the groom and his party. It is actually very simple and easy to do.

Select the flowers and greenery that you want to use – these can be hand-picked, bought from a florist, synthetic, fresh or dried depending on what you want.

Start arranging them into your design, remembering to use different heights and textures to create interest. Secure them with a clear elastic hair tie, then cut the stems so they are level and neat.

You can then finish them off with twine for a rustic look that covers the hair tie.  

3. Dried Flower Crown 

Making your own flower crown can be tricky when you are working with fresh flowers – they wilt quickly and tend to be quite fragile. Why don’t you try using dried flowers instead?

They are more hardy and you won’t be in such a rush – you can make the flower crown weeks ahead. Make sure you use a flexible wire as the base for the crown and measure it around your hair before you start. 

4. Petal Confetti 

Confetti can be expensive, and not all of it is biodegradable. It is really easy to make your own confetti out of petals from leftover flowers, especially if you are making your own centerpieces and bouquets etc as there will be flowers and petals left over.

You can cut them up with scissors into smaller pieces, or use a hole punch. You can also leave the petals larger if you want chunkier confetti. 

Making the cones for the confetti is really simple. Take some sheets of paper that are about A5 size. Roll one corner towards the opposite corner to create a cone, and tape it on the inside to secure it.

These cones can be filled with your DIY petal confetti and handed out to guests. 

5. Wildflower Bouquet 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy bouquet – you can make your own wildflower bouquet. You can either pick the wildflowers the day before the wedding, or you can pick them gradually over time and dry them out.

Don’t forget to include a bit of greenery in your bouquet as well as flowers. Arrange the flowers at different heights to create a nice shape, then secure the flowers with an elastic band. Once they are secure you can wrap ribbon or twine around the stems. 

Another romantic idea is to keep one or two flowers from each bunch of flowers your partner brings home.

Dry them out, and when it comes to your wedding you will have a collection of dried flowers to make your bouquet. The bouquet will be extra special and will have sentimental value. 

6. Petal Ice Cubes 

If you have wine bottles on ice in your wedding celebrations, why not turn them into a decoration by creating petal ice cubes? Take some petals or small flowers and place them inside an ice cube tray. Add water that has been boiled and cooled, then freeze them.

Fill the buckets with these pretty ice cubes to keep the wine cool. If you use edible flowers then you can also use the ice cubes in other types of drinks and cocktails. 

7. Spray Paint Succulents

A lot of succulents come in shapes that are similar to flowers. They are very affordable and make a great addition to your centerpieces. But what if you don’t like the color? Or you don’t want too much green?

It is really easy to spray paint succulent plants in whatever color you like. You can spray them to match your color scheme, or to mimic the color of different flowers. Unlike flowers, the succulents will not wilt during the celebrations.

Make sure you use tape or material to cover the pot so that only the succulent is a different color. You can also spray unpotted succulents and nestle them amongst the foliage. 

8. Simplistic Greenery With Candles

If you want to create a sophisticated centerpiece, you can’t go wrong with simple greenery and candles. You can pick up the foliage yourself from your local area, or buy some from a florist.

Lay it out down the center of the table and place candles sporadically along it. This will look amazing but it is very simple and affordable.

Make sure the candles are on candle holders and the flames are not close to the leaves, or you could be causing a fire hazard. If you want to add a pop of color, simply nestle some flower heads in amongst the foliage or sprinkle some petals over it. 

9. Single Flower Centerpiece 

You don’t need to spend lots of money on flowers to create a lovely centerpiece. Buy one type of flower in a large order – something pretty but affordable. USe small jars and place one bloom in each jar with a little water.

The petals should rest on the top of the jar and the stem should be in contact with the water. These make elegant and dainty centerpieces that are perfect for a rustic wedding. 

10. Simple Wreath Centerpiece 

It is simple and inexpensive to make your own wreaths. You can get everything you need to make wreaths from your local florist, and you can even gather some bits yourself.

You can simply use greenery or use dried or fresh flowers. These wreaths make excellent centerpieces if you place a candle in the center, or several larger candles. You could also use a jar filled with fairy lights if you don’t want to use an open flame. 

11. Roses In A Tall Glass 

If you want an elegant and romantic centerpiece that is easy to make yourself, why not try roses in a tall glass. You can use a different type of flower if you prefer, but it works best if the flower has a round bloom and a thick study stem.

Buy one type of flower in bulk from the florist to save money. Pick up some tall glasses from a budget store – they don’t need to be fancy. Measure the glass and cut the stems to the right length.

Put some water in the glasses and arrange the roses so that they sit perfectly in the glass, creating a small bunch that fills the opening of the glass completely. 

12. Flower Buckets 

These flower buckets can be used as centerpieces or as decorations along the aisle. All you need are some simple tin buckets which you can pick up from any garden or homeware store, or buy online. Put some water in the bottom.

Add a generous amount of gypsophila, dusty miller or queen anne’s lace – something dainty that creates a spray of fine flowers. These flowers tend to be inexpensive, or can even be hand picked in the wild. 

13. Lavender Candle Jars

These lavender candle jars are really easy to make but they look beautiful on your wedding tables. Take a glass or a jar that you want to use for your candle. Make sure it is the right height to cover the candle and the flame.

Take your lavender and cut it to size so that it reaches to the rim of the glass or jar, or just below it. Take a piece of twine and tie it around the glass, leaving a little bit of room. Slot the pieces of the lavender between the twine and the glass. 

14. Colored Glass Bottles 

Using colored glass bottles is a very simple way to elevate your DIY wedding flowers. You can get lots of different colors so you will be able to find the one that works with your theme. It makes the table decorations look a lot more interesting 


Your wedding flowers don’t have to cost a fortune – there are lots of ways to save money with DIY wedding flowers. Get creative and see what works for you. 

Cody Olivier
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