9 Amazing Christmas Wedding Cakes You Need To Check Out

There’s no time of the year that helps to make a wedding feel that much more special and festive than Christmas. 

9 Amazing Christmas Wedding Cakes You Need To Check Out

Not only does it give you the perfect opportunity to get as creative as you want with the decorations hanging around the reception hall, but it also means you can have lots of fun customizing your wedding cake so that it can look even more beautiful and eye-catching for when the special day finally rolls around.

Luckily, since there are so many symbols and ornaments closely related to the Christmas period, it means there are more than a few incredible wedding cake ideas to choose from, so to make things easier, we’ve compiled 9 of the very best right here that you can take inspiration from for your big day!

1. Sparkly Crystal Sugar Cake

If you’ve never tried using crystal sugar as part of a dessert recipe before, it is essentially a bright and glistening sugar variant which is known for being incredibly sweet, but never to the point where it becomes too overbearing in its flavor.

It’s an easy ingredient to use when you want your cake to look like it’s been completely covered in sparkling snow, and of course, you also can’t forget about the miniature snowflakes and pine cones lying around the exterior that make this cake even more festive. 

If you’re someone who loves baking, and really wants to go all out with the design of your cake, don’t be afraid to also place a few miniature reindeer cookies on each layer.

These won’t only enhance the visual appeal of the cake, but they will also add some crunchiness to the overall texture. 

2. Red Bow Wedding Cake

Many people will know a wedding cake when they see one, especially because many of them share the same common features such as the small depiction of the bride and groom standing at the top of the cake. 

However, why not put a festive twist on this tradition by putting a cute snowman and snowwoman on the top instead? 

They are very easy to make, simply requiring you to stick two styrofoam balls together with hot glue, before then adding a lace ribbon and paper flowers for the veil or scarf. Use some black felt for the groom’s tie, buttons, and top hat, and you’ll be all done!

The bright and beautiful red bow wrapping around the cake really is the cherry on top, making the whole cake look like it’s been wrapped up as an appetizing present for the newly wedded couple to enjoy. 

3. Red And Green Festive Wedding Cake

The holiday reds and hunter greens covering this entire cake give it a very elegant appearance which is a sheer marvel to look at, especially when the sugar is applied so lightly that you can see the underlying brown color of the cake peaking out on each layer. 

Most of the color included in this spectacular wedding cake comes from the smaller decorations which rest along each of the layers. 

Pines, cedars, variegated holly, and eucalyptus bells are just a few of the decorations and ornaments that make an appearance here but feel free to add any other eye-catching objects that you feel would also match the color scheme, such as red vines or even small miniature mistletoes. 

4. Candy Cane Wedding Cake

Candy canes are synonymous with the Christmas period, and seeing one can instantly fill a person with a sense of festive cheer, so it never hurts to base your entire cake around these cute and traditional candies, especially when you can also eat them afterward. 

Rather than packing the whole cake with these canes however, make sure to space them out evenly so that the cake never looks too messy, and if you really want to get creative with them, use two candy canes of the same size as your topping so that they make a heart shape right at the top. 

The bows you see on this cake are actually made out of gum paste, giving them a very bright and shiny appearance that compliments the pear-white luster dust covering the rest of the cake incredibly well. 

5. Fancy Reindeer Wedding Cake

The medley of colors that make up this wedding cake gives it a very classy and luxurious look that still has a lot of lightheartedness to its design thanks to the inclusion of the custom-made reindeer resting on the top. 

Part of the beauty of this cake is how many small details you can add, especially when it comes to the topping.

Scarves, bow ties, and pearl necklaces are just a few of the accessories you can add to these lovely animals, allowing you to customize them so that they resemble you and your partner as closely as possible. 

The light pink and peach floral added at the bottom and in the center lends a very soft elegance to the overall aesthetic of the cake, while the heart stick with the words “Mr” and “Mrs” standing just behind the reindeer make this delicious looking treat even more suitable for a wedding. 

6. Christmas Present Wedding Cake

Make your wedding cake the ultimate Christmas present by organizing each of the soft and delicate fondant layers so that they are facing opposite directions and covering them with real ornaments to give the impression that it is actually several gifts stacked on top of one another. 

If you want this cake to look as realistic as possible, try using different colored fondant or another icing to spread down the middle of the bottom and top layers so that it looks like wrapping paper. 

While you are definitely able to place your usual toppings at the tip of the cake since there will be plenty of room, you can also use gum paste to create a large and messy bow to really enhance the festive look. 

7. Multi-Colored Tree Stump Wedding Cake

There is so much to admire about this gorgeous wedding cake. 

From the edible tree stump holding the entire thing in place, to the sugar flowers peeking out from above the bottom layer, all the way to the first initials of the newly wedded couple appearing at the center, this cake is full of personality. 

The red fondant used in the center provides an incredible contrast with the rest of the cake, preventing it from ever looking bland or hollow. 

Of course with that being said, it’s never a bad idea to stack more layers onto this cake and experiment with a few different colors too, though ideally, you should always be aiming for colors that have a warm and comforting aesthetic to fit in with the Christmas theme of the wedding. 

8. Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake

Capture the Christmas spirit with this jaw-dropping winter wonderland-themed wedding cake, featuring silver sequins, ruffles, and flowers which all blend together to create an eye-catching color palette that looks downright incredible when you see it up close. 

The large silver snowflake standing upright at the top of the cake is actually positioned just behind the first letter of the surname of the married couple, and while this might be a small addition, it’s a fantastic way to keep the cake Christmas-themed while also retaining the symbolic meanings of the wedding within the cake itself. 

If you like the idea of adding a little bit of crunchiness to your cake to bounce off the soft and creamy interior, make sure to spread some edible pearls around the outside of each layer. 

Not only do they taste incredible, but they also give the impression of a pearl necklace surrounding each area of the cake, adding a touch of Christmas glamor to this outstanding wedding cake. 

9. Frosted Cranberry Wedding Cake

There aren’t many foods that symbolize the Christmas period quite like cranberries, and the good news is these small, juicy, and very nutritional berries make for a very welcome addition to any Christmas-themed wedding cake, especially since they taste as good as they look. 

When evenly spreading out the deep red berries across the outside rim of the cake, make sure that you lightly frost over them to add to the snowy appearance of the cake, and also don’t forget to sprinkle some cranberry leaves over the cake, just to create a nice contrast in the colors being used. 

While you, unfortunately, can’t make cranberry toppings in the shape of people, (as much as we would love for that to be the case), you can choose to either smother the top with a bowl of cranberries, or simply surround your actual toppings with the berries, and maybe a few frosted leaves too, the choice is entirely up to you.

To Wrap Up

When the big day is just a few weeks away, and you want a cake that can be symbolic for the occasion while still representing the festivities of Christmas, it can be well worth checking out some ideas beforehand so that you have a foundation to work off. 

If you like the look of any of these inspirations listed above, feel free to base your own cake on them, and add any extra decorations or additions that you feel would make them look even more suitable for the Christmas occasion.

Cody Olivier
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