12 Amazing Cheap Destination Weddings You Need To Check Out

Everyone has an idea of their perfect wedding, whether you’ve recently found inspiration or you’ve had every detail planned since you were five, the fact remains the same – you deserve that wedding of your dreams. 

12 Amazing Cheap Destination Weddings You Need To Check Out

And what dreamier wedding could you have than a destination wedding?! From bustling cities to golden sandy beaches, destination weddings offer something new, something exciting, and something unforgettable.

And don’t get us started on the amazing wedding pictures you’ll have too. 

Now, don’t fall into the trap of believing that old misconception that a wedding destination automatically means spending the big bucks. Sure, it can, but it doesn’t have to.

Yes, you’ll need to pay for the travel arrangements, but you’ll be surprised at just how cheap the rest of the wedding may be to sort out. 

So, let’s take a look at some budget-friendly destinations that can become the setting to your dream wedding. 

1. Jamaica

There is no denying the scenic beauty that this Caribbean Island has to offer (Also check out Stunning Weddings In Jamaica We Highly Recommend).  And if saying your I Dos on a golden sandy beach beside crystal clear waters is something you’ve always wanted, then you can be sure you’ll achieve the wedding of your dreams. 

The jaunt from the US to this destination is relatively short and there are cheap wedding venues aplenty, so this makes it a cost-effective and convenient option.

There are endless possibilities as to where you can say your vows across this stunning island and packages can start from as little as $1500! 

We recommend checking out the Meant 2 Be package that the popular Iberostar Rose Hall Beach boasts! 

2. Dominican Republic

Another gem that the Caribbean has to offer is the wonderful and breathtaking Dominican Republic. And it’s the perfect wedding destination.

Especially for those on a budget considering that it has all that Caribbean charm without the huge price tag. 

For example, how does a 5-star resort wedding package for just $999 sound? Like a dream come true right? Pinch yourself…just to prove that you’re not dreaming! 

3. Martinique 

Yes, we have another Caribbean island on the list…we can’t help it…they’re just so stunning.

You can be sure of clear skies, beaming sun, picture-perfect beaches, crystal clear waters, and magnificent mountainscapes for your wedding setting when you pick a venue in Martinique. 

Known for its dreamy and romantic appearance, you couldn’t pick a better destination than this one. And wedding packages can start from relatively low prices of $2,000 per adult in venues such as Club Med. 

4. Mexico

Considering the sheer size of Mexico, there are plenty of places to host your perfect wedding day (Also check out Best Mexican Wedding Cakes). And some are more expensive than others. But it’s definitely possible to have a stunning budget-friendly wedding in this unbelievable destination. 

We’d definitely recommend checking out Puerto Vallarta. The destination, found on the west coast, boasts some of the best weather imaginable to ensure an amazing day and unforgettable photography.

And the best part is that many packages in the area are super affordable. 

Take the Hyatt Ziva as an example, the venue is phenomenal yet packages begin from as little as $1200. 

5. Arizona

The beauty of the States being so large is that you can have a destination wedding in a new and unique place without actually having to leave the country.

There are plenty of states in America that offer some of the most stunning scenery our Earth has to offer, including Arizona. 

The desert state ensures toasty weather for the big day and has some of the best landscapes around to provide the perfect venue. Plus, it homes some of the most affordable wedding venues around. 

The Poco Diablo Resort is renowned for its amazing package that starts from as little as $110 per guest.  

6. Antigua 

While this stunning destination offers packages that are perhaps on the higher side of budget-friendly packages, it is well worth the spend.

Cocobay, a resort local to the area offers one of the best and most intimate wedding venues, and packages start from around $2500. 

In the area, you can expect the beauty that is found in similar islands such as dreamy beaches, stunning still waters, luscious foliage, and amazing landscapes. But it also offers a large port that is worth a visit in itself. 

Plus, it’s a regular stop for cruise ships…perfect for the honeymoon. 

7. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a pretty popular wedding destination since there’s a lot going on here. If you like glitz, glam, and gambling, then you’ll be sure to get up to tons of fun during your wedding. 

It’s pretty well-known for eloping or drunken weddings in chapels officiated by Elvis impersonators (that can be done for as little as $199) but that doesn’t mean you can’t also have the big wedding with tons of guests and a beautiful dress. 

Home to tons of luxury resorts, offering amazing weather, and it’s easy accessibility from anywhere across the country, you really can’t choose a better destination for your big day. 

8. Bahamas

If you’re planning a budget destination wedding, you’ve probably automatically crossed the Bahamas off the list thinking that it’ll cost you the big bucks. But here’s the thing…it doesn’t have to. 

The journey actually isn’t as far as you’d think. In fact, it’s less than 300 miles from Florida! There are tons of resorts scattered across the island that would make the perfect backdrop to any stunning wedding. 

The most popular choice, Atlantis Resort,  does cost around $3000 upwards, but there are cheaper options out there to choose from, and even opting for this slightly more expensive one can still result in a smaller bill than many other locations. 

9. Florida 

As we’ve said before, a destination wedding doesn’t mean you need to fly halfway across the world, there are plenty of beautiful options nearby.

And if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of traveling to Florida, then it could make the perfect wedding destination for you. 

It boasts some of the very best fine white sandy beaches with stunning ocean views. And there are many affordable venues in the area that are unbelievably breathtaking.

Gulf Beach weddings for elopers can start from around $1195 or from $1295 for those wanting to invite guests. 

10. Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii (Also check out Stunning Weddings In Maui), your mind automatically goes to pristine beaches, amazing waters, beautiful weather, and overall scenic and relaxing vibes. So, where could be a better place for two people to become one? 

And along with all that natural beauty also comes tons of affordable wedding venues!

For ceremonies with scenic views of the sea and iconic landmarks, opt for packages from The Twin Fin Hotel or if you’re looking for a more intimate option, you should definitely check out the unbelievably beautiful Wahiawa Botanical Garden

11. Georgia

If you’re looking for a destination wedding that doesn’t involve too much traveling but has Southern Charm in the bucketloads, then Georgia is definitely the place for you. More specifically, Savannah, Georgia is the destination of dreams. 

With magnificent mansions with tons of history, you’ll find perfectly pretty and affordable wedding venues that are sure to blow the minds of all your guests.

Bethesda Academy is the perfect example of this. The private school is actually a historical site that includes the most stunning white chapel church to say your vows. 

12. Puerto Rico

Considering Puerto Rico is often ranked as one of the most affordable Caribbean wedding destinations, it would be absolutely criminal for it not to make its way onto this list.

Plus, it’s just a really stunning and incredibly charming location for any romantic wedding.

Be sure to check out La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort for the ultimate wedding package which includes hors d’oeuvres, welcome drinks, wine, three-course meals, an open bar, and your choice of an indoor or outdoor venue.

We recommend outdoor, but that’s all personal preference. 

Alternatively, you could also opt for Fusion Beach Villas which is located in the stunning beachside town of Isabela.

The all-inclusive wedding package is super affordable and an added bonus is that the Fusion Beach team also specializes in floral design, so you can expect some out of this world flower arrangements for the big day! 

Final Thoughts

I think that slowly but surely destination weddings have become synonymous with spending lots of money. And it’s such a shame that it’s a misconception that seems to stick because as you can see from this article, it’s absolutely not the case. 

There are so many amazing destinations that you can choose for your wedding that will actually turn out to be a whole lot cheaper than an all-the-frills wedding at home.

And you don’t even have to compromise in terms of your location for this to be the case! 

All of the destinations outlined in this article are inarguably amazing. They offer some of the best views to ensure unforgettable memories and photographs and are sure to provide you with that destination wedding of your dreams. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your dream wedding today! 

Cody Olivier
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