15 Amazing Black Weddings You Need To Check Out

Not all brides-to-be see themselves walking down the aisle in a blinding white dress. In fact, plenty of couples would rather avoid white or pale decor too.

15 Amazing Black Weddings You Need To Check Out

Many see this traditional representation of purity as antiquated these days, and let’s be honest… the white wedding has been done to death. But d’you know what hasn’t had its moment in the sun? The black wedding!

Bringing wickedly witchy vibes to any nuptials, black weddings are as striking as can be, breaking the mold in the boldest and most elegant fashion possible, which is why, today, we’ll be checking out the 15 most amazing examples you should pin to your mood board.

1. Black Wedding In The Woods

Some black wedding dresses are so utterly black that they appear to absorb all light, which is awesome, but so is the slightly more celestial look of this dark, glittery number.

Sparkle-strewn, our bride here appears to be draped in the witching hour night sky itself, with stars flowing down her trail as if into the crushing gravity of a black hole — Physicists and goths rejoice!

It’s also worth mentioning the black, diamond-shaped altar forming the backdrop of the scene, and that black lip!… Divine! 

The darkness of the setup here allows the natural colors of the landscape and of course the floral decor to really pop — These are some dark nups for the ages, folks!

2. Black Wedding On The Rocky Shore

This black wedding dress may be quite simple, but that’s because it says all it needs to say without over-embellishment, much like the stark scene of this wedding ceremony.

The diaphanous lace bodice combined with the flowing, pitch-black skirt has an understated and natural elegance that leaves tons of space for adventurous accessorizing, and the bride in the picture takes full advantage of it.

A paired back but stunningly delicate design such as this also works well with the bride’s non-traditional wedding hairstyle.

It’s an unexpected synergy with a rustic edge that, combined with the choppiness of the ocean and harsh lines of the craggy stones, will leave guests wondering whether they’ve arrived at a wedding or a pagan ritual.

3. Black Wedding At The Water’s Edge

Black goes with everything… including black, as evidenced by this flawless wedding dress composed of various dark materials layered to form the lower bodice and skirt.

And to add even more darkling decadence to the design, the art nouveau detailing of the upper bodice and arms makes for a high-drama finishing touch, befitting a shadowy princess as she slinks down the aisle, or as is the case in this shot, the rocky water’s edge.

A location such as this is a touch of true genius for a black wedding, as the grays of the surrounding stone complement the dark profile of the event.

4. Black Wedding In An Autumnal Forest

The way this tulle A-line dress gently transitions from coal-black at the bodice to smoke-gray towards the skirt hem is a thing of beauty and a look that’s guaranteed to keep all eyes on you on your big day.

But the real magic here is the contrast between the darkly-garbed bride and the immensely colorful fall location.

The black of the bride’s dress enlivens the autumn hues, while the technicolor leaves help the bride to stand out, ensuring she’s the center of attention on her big day.

5. Black Wedding In Barn Conversion

No brides here, just an immaculate black decor wedding in a converted barn venue.

As you can see, the interior decor of the barn is incredibly neutral, allowing the black furnishings to slide into the aesthetic naturally whilst retaining their striking appearance.

The addition of muted green leaf runners and white flowers for contrast are the finishing touches on what is sure to be a memorable day (Also check out Amazing Greenhouse Weddings).

6. Black Wedding In The Desert

Here’s an interesting contrast… a rustic desert wilderness behind what is perhaps the cleanest, most modern dress on the list.

Yet somehow, the jagged lines of the bride’s beautiful dress share a vague symmetry with the rise and fall of the rock formations in the background.

The black altar is a fantastic touch as well, but sun-dried grass embellishments are definitely necessary to marry the dark theme with the arid landscape.

7. Winter Night Black Wedding

Nothing says black wedding like vows with a view of the night through elegant French doors! It’s a clever way to embrace natural darkness whilst avoiding the cold of the great outdoors, and the many floor candles certainly add a touch of warmth to the event too.

8. Black Wedding At The Lakes

Of all the dresses here today, this one makes the biggest statement in terms of pure shape. The bodice doesn’t flow into the exaggerated A-line skirt as much as it collides with it well above the hips, allowing the frontal slit to show off significantly more leg.

With such an early starting point, the skirt has a broad, billowing aesthetic and the unique scoop-neck is pleated in such a way as to make the bodice appear to be spiraling around the bride.

It almost mirrors the rippling of the surrounding lakes, while the darkness of the dress looks like a natural progression of the shadowy mountains.

It’s a fine location for a black wedding, amounting to an event befitting Cinderella herself (if she listened to The Cure).

9. Rustic Industrial Black Wedding

Black absorbs a lot of light, which means you can really go wild with the twinkly elements of your wedding, creating a magical array of illumination and shadows.

Doing so can also soften up the harsh lines of a rustic, industrial venue, forming a chic, modern look with a fairy tale tinge, as evidenced by the wedding in the picture above.

10. Black Wedding In Luxury Location

Although this off-the-shoulder dress is undoubtedly a Disney princess shape, it’s more Maleficent than Sleeping Beauty, giving a timeless look and an edge that guests, onlookers, and your betrothed won’t soon forget.

The darkness of the dress is an interesting counterpoint to the sandy hues of the building’s stonework, but the design of the dress is a perfect match for the architecture, providing the synergy that makes it all work wonderfully together.

11. Sunset Black Wedding On The Rolling Hills

This black wedding positions itself amongst the lengthening shadows of a sunset in the rolling hills.

As you can tell from the chair layout, it’s an intimate affair, lit by a string of bare altar bulbs that capture the bride and groom in a warming glow as the landscape is steadily veiled in darkness.

The gathered branches are the perfect way to cover up the altar bar and create a cohesive aesthetic that augments rather than detracts from the location.

12. Black Wedding In The Wintry Wilderness

With an abundance of very fine netting around the skirt, this dress seems to fade gently into the scene, a shadowy transition that adds a touch of Halloween revelry to the nuptials — It’s a Mrs. Dracula to-be kind of mood.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… Brrrrr, right? Well, yes, our bride must indeed be chilly, but what are a few shivers for the most magical black wedding you could imagine, right there in the freshly fallen snow — Cinematic!

13. Black Wedding In Natural Beauty Spot

This couple looks to have chosen a gorgeous natural beauty spot for their nuptials, with the service held late in the day so their dark garb is lined with the glow of the sinking sun. And just look at her bouquet — Props to the florist!

14. Sleepy Hollow-Esque Black Wedding

Simple, rustic, utterly breathtaking, this black wedding steeped in nature has a folkloric feel, and we are here for it!

We’re picking up Oberon and Titania vibes, as though the forest the ceremony is taking place in isn’t just the venue, but the very home of the bride and groom.

15. Black Wedding In A Meadow

One of the greatest things about black is how generous it is to brighter shades, and the couple here has taken full advantage of this by having red flowers here, there, and everywhere.

Even against the rich autumnal colors of the landscape, the altar stands out, a floral flame flickering in the twilight!

We particularly like the use of colorful rugs in an outdoor setting, as they mirror the color of the higher up decorations, which we feel is necessary not to cause too stark a contrast with the floor.

Final Thoughts

A black wedding is a bold, beautiful move. People might not “get it” when you tell them of your plans, but stay the course, and don’t let anyone dent your confidence. As soon as they arrive, they’ll be lost for words, sorry they ever doubted you.

As you can see from our list, even though black is an off-the-wall choice for a wedding, there are plenty of options out there. With a little bit of imagination, you can plan the perfect day around your favorite color.

Cody Olivier
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