8 Amazing 2 Tier Wedding Cakes You Need To Check Out

Is any wedding truly complete without a proper wedding cake to go with it?

Arguably, the wedding cake is one of the most crucial elements of planning a wedding, right up there with the perfect dress, bouquet, and the perfect wedding ring. 

8 Amazing 2 Tier Wedding Cakes You Need To Check Out

However, because a wedding is such an important event in the lives of any couple, it can be crucial to pick the perfect elements to make the ceremony worth remembering.

This can cause quite a lot of stress and second-guessing as you try to make everything just right.

In fact, we are willing to bet that this drive for perfection is making it difficult for you to choose your wedding cake. You know that you want the cake to be 2-tiered, but you just aren’t sure about the final design! 

Prepare to spark your imagination as you take a look at some of the very best 2-tiered wedding cakes from across the internet that you could consider for your big day! Read on below to get started! 

1. 2-Tier Cake With Pearls

Okay, though this wedding cake does not quite literally contain actual pearls, it creates the perfect illusion of a string of pearls wrapped around the base of each of its 2 tiers.

We love how the string of frosting pearls wrapped around the cake helped to create an iconic wedding look almost reminiscent of a classic wedding dress. 

The way that the frosting is spread around the circumference of the cake is also essential in creating the perfect look. It is done in a way that creates a sense of texture on the outer surface of the cake.

Where most wedding cakes would opt for smooth and perfectly-spread frosting, this cake instead opts for a more layered look that we think gives it a sense of elegance.

Finally, the soft pink flowers that adorn both tiers of the cake help to finish off the look, by introducing a little bit of natural splendor to the image.

2. Smooth 2-Tier Wedding Cake

If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding cake look, then this could be the perfect cake to inspire you.

The frosting here is spread across the surface of the cake in a more even manner that creates a truly elegant and royal look. You can see the precision of the bakers in every inch of the cake. 

We also love that the frosting has a pure white look that makes it perfect for blending into a more traditional wedding aesthetic.

This pure white look is contrasted with beautiful flowers that are adorned carefully on each tier. The bottom tier has large blooming pink flowers, while the top layer is adorned with slightly smaller roses.

These conjure up images of the blossoming nature of the couple’s relationship, giving the wedding a sense of transformative power.

The final ‘cherry-on-top’ of this amazing cake is the laser-cut nameplate placed into the top tier of the cake, making it feel all the more personal.

3. Textured Buttercream 2-Tier Wedding Cake

We love the way that the buttercream on this wedding cake was textured.

Instead of being carefully spread across the surface of the cake in a smooth and controlled manner, it is instead layered on in an uneven way that allows you to see each layer of frosting stacked atop the other.

It creates this great sense of texture that reminds you of the hand-made nature of the cake! 

This cake has few stylistic flourishes, which makes it incredibly subtle, but when you get up close and notice the texture of the frosting you will find yourself drawn in by the way it looks. 

We also loved the inclusion of the pale pink roses between the two tiers, which helped to create the perfect natural look. 

4. 2-Tier Wedding Cake With Flowers

This is another great wedding cake that does not simply settle for the traditional.

The frosting here is carefully layered on the edge of the cake in such a way that allows round wire-like shapes to appear across the outer surface of the cake, making it look all the more special. 

The way the frosting is layered onto the cake is almost reminiscent of a traditional wedding dress, which can make it a perfect cake for making the bride feel even more special.

This cake also has frosting pearls carefully laid down at the bottom of each tier which helps to add that look of elegance that we totally love about this cake. 

Finally, we just have to mention the inclusion of the various flowers that are carefully arranged over the top of the highest tier.

The flowers are of a pure white color that is highlighted by the rounded green leaves that help to exaggerate the natural look of the cake. If you want a cake that celebrates the potential that marriage can bring.

5. Rustic-Style 2-Tier Wedding Cake

Though the frosting here may be layered in a careful and controlled manner with a flat and smooth outer look, it’s the small details that help to make the frosting on this cake really stand out. 

The top of each tier is surrounded by a small golden trim, which of course helps to add a great sense of regality and royalty to the finished cake.

The golden trim seems to glisten with any light that surrounds it, so this can be a perfect cake to serve up at a wedding during the summertime. 

The frosting also has a light cream color that helps to make it look incredibly rustic. This rustic look is complemented by the inclusion of de-saturated flowers that look like they have been dried.

This can make the cake a perfect one to serve up at an outdoor wedding, served up surrounded by trees and foliage. 

6. 2-Tier Wedding Cake With Greenery

The lush greenery and vines that are carefully draped across the height of this cake help to really make this cake pop.

Though the cake makes use of traditionally white frosting, the green vines that hang down from the top of the cake help to create a visual contrast that makes the white color pop even more. 

The white roses that blossom out from the top of the cake also help to make this one of the most elegant and romantic cakes on this list.

The way the roses look when paired with the green ivy creates a look of excitement like the cake has been found amongst the dense foliage of an enchanted forest.

The flowers here are also much larger than those chosen for many other cakes on this list, which helps to make it look even more extravagant and fantastical.

The frosting here also helps to make this cake pop. It is layered across the surface of the sponge in a way that exaggerates the rounded shape of each of its 2 tiers.

7. Simple 2-Tier Wedding Cake

Sometimes less is more, and this wedding cake exemplifies that in style.

Where most of the entries in our list so far are adorned with any number of flowers of different colors, shapes, and sizes, this cake forgoes those flourishes, instead favoring a more subtle and minimalist approach.

The frosting is carefully layered across this cake in a number of ways to ensure that, while the cake may be simple, it is never boring to look at.

Each tier is surrounded by carefully-layered frosting that exaggerates the rounded shape of each tier.

Atop each of those tiers is the smoothly-layered frosting that helps to create that final elegant and royal look to the cake, which makes it perfect for just about any wedding design.

This cake design is perfectly versatile and will work with just about any chosen wedding aesthetic. You can easily adorn the top layer with a final subtle flourish, such as a nameplate that celebrates the bride and groom.

8. Layered 2-Tier Wedding Cake

If your wedding cake only has two tiers to work with, but you want to create a more layered look, then this could be the perfect inspiration for you! 

The frosting of this cake is layered around the edge of the tiers in a way that creates a layered look that makes the entire thing pop.

Certain patches of the cake are coated a little less evenly, which allows the brown color of the sponge to reveal itself just slightly.

This helps to create a sense of shape for the cake and also gives it a slight sense of height. 

The combination of white and brown colors also helps to give the resulting cake a great rustic and natural look. It almost looks like wood that has been chopped down from a great tree.

If you want your wedding to have a nature aesthetic, then this can be a great source of inspiration. 

And this cake would not belong on this list if it weren’t also adorned with flowers now, would it? They further help to add to the natural look! 

To Wrap Up

These are just a few of the awesome 2-tiered wedding cake designs we’ve come across online, but they are easily the very best. Use them as a source of inspiration today!

Cody Olivier
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