Vendor Spotlight: Rachel May Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Rachel May Photography

Posted By On 09 July 2014

Rachel, from Rachel May Photography, is every bride’s dream photographer—a down to earth, grounded, inspiring, and dedicated artist. Her pieces are truly a work of art and she has finessed her skill of capturing the unforgettable moments for her big day. We are honored to showcase her in our vendor spotlight blog, and can honestly say she is wonderful. We have loved every minute knowing and working with her and cherish every photograph she has taken for us. While we can write pages of our enthusiasm and admiration for Rachel, we think it’s best to let her personality shine and her incredible work do all the talking.

Tell us about yourself—what are your hobbies and likes (outside of photography)?

Outside of photography I’m a big family girl. I’ve been married 11 years and we have 3 beautiful babes… Quality time and fun with my family is my favorite.
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How did you first get involved or interested in photography?
I bought my first camera after my oldest was born, from there it just spiraled from a love to take pictures of my kids to a love to capture the love and life around me. I focused on newborns and families for a while before focusing on wedding photography.
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Describe your business—how much of a percentage is the wedding scene?
Are you based solely in Charlottesville?
I would describe my business as photography that is timeless, joyful, & romantic.
It’s imagery that will last a life time… imagery that warms your heart…imagery that
wants to make you relive the moments over and over again.
My business is about 98% wedding based and while I don’t live in the heart of Charlottesville
(I’m based in Madison County), I mainly serve Charlottesville.
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How did you first meet Cody?
I remember coming across Cody’s Facebook page and wondered how I had never met her in person! After a bit of email/social media communication she asked me to be a part of an amazing shoot … That day I met her in person the first time and the rest is just history! I just love her!
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What are some of your favorite wedding moments to capture?
I really love the real raw moments between two people – sheer emotion. It’s a window into their relationship, and you can see just how much they love each other.
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And then there’s the details, I’m a huge lover of the details – the time and thought put into them… especially when it’s meaningful. Like a family crest, or the family engagement ring passed down for generations, or the bride’s grandmother’s veil, or the six pence that has been worn by the grandmother, the mother, and now the bride. It’s those traditions made that make the details even more beautiful than they already are.
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What are some of the most unique shots you’ve choreographed at weddings?
I honestly don’t do a ton of choreographing at weddings. Mainly because I love when my work is a direct reflection of who my couples are. It’s usually something that my couple has either asked for directly or something I’ve seen them do and I love it so much that I have them recreate it in a different setting. I am much more of a watching photographer, than a creator. I watch and capture – instead of create. I may move elements to be more visually pleasing, but the content itself is more natural and authentic. I want my clients to look at their photos and think, “that’s SO us!”
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What advice could you give novice photographers?
The best piece of advice that I can give others, not just photographers, is to know who you are… let your core shine through what you do. Be yourself. No one is better at it, than you!
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We hope you enjoyed getting to know Rachel and love her just as much as we do!

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17 thoughts on “Vendor Spotlight: Rachel May Photography

  1. Rachel May says:

    Thank you so much for the feature, it means the world to me to have your support. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to get to work with such an amazing planner!! I cannot wait for all of our future projects/weddings together!

  2. Justin says:

    I agree with you satisfaction in Rachel’s work! She is amazing and I love her captures!

  3. Rachel, you’re the coolest. Cody, I love this!! And your website/blog is beautiful!!!

  4. wendy laurel says:

    rachel may’s work is always so gorgeous and professionally done.. I love seeing this post and all the highlights of her amazing photography!

  5. Kat says:

    love this!!! YAY Rachel!!:)

  6. Rachel is such an amazingly talented photographer!

  7. Agree with this 100% – Rachel, you are a gem!! (So are you, Cody!! <3)

  8. what a wonderful thing to do for the vendors you love to work with -yay!

  9. Kina says:

    Lovely feature! And I agree that Rachel is awesome!

  10. Krystle Akin says:

    I love seeing that Rachel is featured! She is a super talented and kind photographer!

  11. Jen O. says:

    What a beautiful set of images. I love the black and white of the bride and groom exiting. Such a classic photo.

  12. Kelsy McCartney says:

    Gorgeous work (as always!) by Rachel!

  13. What a beautiful feature! I loved reading about Rachel & looking through her gorgeous work. Congrats Rachel!

  14. connie chang says:

    love reading through this feature & about rachel’s vision!

  15. Kel Ward says:

    I’m a BIG fan of Rachel’s work!! <3

  16. Rachel’s work is beautiful. Always so fun and romantic!

  17. Trish Barker says:

    What a beautiful feature. She is such a talent!!

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