Florentine Trays & A Giveaway!

Florentine Trays & A Giveaway!

Posted By On 02 July 2014

Renaissance means “rebirth” and is most widely known for an artistic revolution throughout Europe during the fifteenth century, specifically in Italy. During this time, countless pieces of classic art were commissioned for wealthy clients, such as the Medicis. Artists returned their focus (the “rebirth”) to mythology and other classical, religious, and literary themes. During this historical time period, Florence was home to critical artists for the movement, including Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, and Botticelli. Innumerable paintings and sculptures such as the Primavera and the Birth of Venus originated in this breathtaking city and continue to tour the world.

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Art enthusiasts and novices alike flock to and cherish these now traditional pieces and styles. They conjure quintessential and idyllic beauty, with a flawless technique. A modern take and incorporation of this period is through the increasingly popular Florentine Trays. Located in antique shops and flea markets throughout Europe, these Italian vintage pieces are nothing short of beautiful masterpieces. Carved out of high quality wood, and crafted to perfections with layers of paint and decorations, these gorgeous platters add timeless detail to your targeted wedding decor.

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Patterns range from simplicity to ornate, and you are able to find these trays in any color and design imaginable. There are many ways to incorporate these pieces into your wedding. You can easily set them at tables to elegantly collect and showcase silverware, napkins or flowers. You can place lace overlays on them to lay drinks, or even use them to store name and place cards for your guests. If you’re opting for a trendy dessert theme at your wedding (cookie bar or perhaps serving cupcakes), these trays delicately add personality and detail to showcasing your award winning desserts.

We are absolutely loving differing styles and textures that these trays offer, and love the variety of ways you can use them!

We are giving away this Florentine tray!

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13 thoughts on “Florentine Trays & A Giveaway!

  1. Oh MAN. These trays are just incredible. I have to say, one of these beauties is a total DREAM prop for this stylist/budding flower designer. (Get it? Budding? I’ve got flower jokes, too!)

  2. Tori Watson says:

    um, these are all STUNNING! i’m obsessed with beautiful vintage trays and often scour etsy for cool ones. what a great give-away! :)

  3. Kelly Hughes says:

    I LOVE the bottom middle tray!!

  4. Mj says:


  5. Lauren Patton says:

    Cody & Co., you never cease to amaze me with your fountain of style and creative energy. I am envious of every piece pictured in this post. New thrifting challenge!


  6. Rachel May says:

    I absolutely love this post!! These trays are stunning!

  7. Ashley Hatch says:

    LOVE these trays!! so beautiful and elegant!

  8. Oh my goodness, these trays are so beautiful!!!

  9. Madison Busch says:

    Beautiful trays! I love items that can pull double duty at the wedding and as home decor afterward!

  10. Sera Petras says:

    These are gorgeous! I could use a new tray!

  11. Cherish Stokely says:

    I really enjoyed this blog post and seeing the little details you can do to make your wedding have an antique feel. The tray is a great touch for anyone who is looking for a little detail for their wedding!

  12. manda says:

    They are all lovely

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