Bouquet Comparison: Florals vs Greenery

Bouquet Comparison: Florals vs Greenery

Posted By On 11 June 2014

One of the more variable items and ideas for a wedding (and therefore, more difficult to write about) can be the flowers — from arrangements to centerpieces to bouquets or a corsage, there are many options and decisions for a bride to make. From Hollywood worthy bouquets to the understated beauty of greenery collections, there really is no wrong choice; just the right choice for you, your wedding, and your budget.

Flowers can easily be a splurge component of your wedding budget. So before you begin searching and interviewing florists, make sure you know to always ask for written and itemized price estimates for what you want in your wedding. And, as always, we are here to help you with your research!

There are two big trends and directions in the floral arrangements — greenery and flowers. To a novice, these may seem one in the same but they do carry different tones and elements within them. Yes, there can be mixing and matching between the two worlds; but most often the wedding flowers focus on one or the other.

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Floral bouquets can be incorporated into almost any arrangement and can contain almost every color imaginable. From a single-stem corsage to a bountiful bouquet, florists can design, weave, and focus on any flower of the brides choosing. Floral arrangements can range from hydrangeas to roses with elegance and grace. Each flower is handcrafted and chosen, with specific tones and meanings depending on the type selected. Some considerations or restrictions are important to consider though. Flowers are seasonal—so if you have your heart set on a specific flower it might be unavailable or extremely expensive. Additionally, you often pay for the flower by stem—and this can quickly escalate the price.

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Greenery, on the other hand, often costs significantly less—a huge plus for most brides. They are also beautiful and stunning, and give the bride plenty of options and seasonal variety. These earthy and natural stems, compliment and supplement the natural tones of a wedding in any season. Flowers can always be incorporated but the greenery will still be the main character of your bouquet. From herbs, vines, and certain trees there are no limits to how these greeneries can be used in your wedding.

Either option you choose, you will have a beautiful bouquet to throw at your reception!

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