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Vendor Spotlight: Rachel May Photography

Posted By On 09 July 2014

Rachel, from Rachel May Photography, is every bride’s dream photographer—a down to earth, grounded, inspiring, and dedicated artist. Her pieces are truly a work of art and she has finessed her skill of capturing the unforgettable moments for her big day. We are honored to showcase her in our vendor spotlight blog, and can honestly say she is wonderful. We have loved every minute knowing and working with her and cherish every photograph she has taken for us. While we can write pages of our enthusiasm and admiration for Rachel, we think it’s best to let her personality shine and her incredible work do all the talking.

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Florentine Trays & A Giveaway!

Posted By On 02 July 2014

Renaissance means “rebirth” and is most widely known for an artistic revolution throughout Europe during the fifteenth century, specifically in Italy. During this time, countless pieces of classic art were commissioned for wealthy clients, such as the Medicis. Artists returned their focus (the “rebirth”) to mythology and other classical, religious, and literary themes. During this historical time period, Florence was home to critical artists for the movement, including Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, and Botticelli. Innumerable paintings and sculptures such as the Primavera and the Birth of Venus originated in this breathtaking city and continue to tour the world.

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Amy Osaba Floral Workshop

Posted By On 25 June 2014

One of the best perks of working in the wedding industry is being able to learn from, work with, and consequently be inspired by extraordinary artistic talent.  Like most successful and savvy businesswomen, Amore Events loves collaborating and expanding our knowledge from our friends, sharing the best in the business title.  For example, in a few short weeks Cody will attend an exquisite and opportunistic floral workshop by her idol, Amy Osaba.

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Real Wedding: Liz & Zach

Posted By On 18 June 2014

We absolutely love Liz and Zach and you will too!

The Proposal 

Zach and I first met the summer of 2008 where we worked at a restaurant together. I was a hostess and he was a bartender and he tricked me into going out with him one night after work… long story and not anywhere near as creepy as it sounds. We are total homebodies and love to cook and have Netflix marathons. We enjoy spending time with our families and are missing Charlottesville as we moved to North Carolina right after we got married. Zach popped the question at “our spot” on Afton mountain where he asked me to be his girlfriend! (Yes, he actually asked me to be his girlfriend.. very 2008 of us..I know) He told me we were going to his parents house for dinner and pulled over and got down on one knee. I was totally surprised and didn’t even know what was going on until well over half way into his proposal. Afterwards he told me our families were waiting for us at my parents house and we proceeded to celebrate with champagne and a nice dinner! It was perfect.

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Bouquet Comparison: Florals vs Greenery

Posted By On 11 June 2014

One of the more variable items and ideas for a wedding (and therefore, more difficult to write about) can be the flowers — from arrangements to centerpieces to bouquets or a corsage, there are many options and decisions for a bride to make. From Hollywood worthy bouquets to the understated beauty of greenery collections, there really is no wrong choice; just the right choice for you, your wedding, and your budget.

Flowers can easily be a splurge component of your wedding budget. So before you begin searching and interviewing florists, make sure you know to always ask for written and itemized price estimates for what you want in your wedding. And, as always, we are here to help you with your research!

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Inspired by Copper

Posted By On 04 June 2014

Copper, or as Chemists say Cu, is an essential though often sadly neglected, component of our life.  This malleable metal is often used as a building material due to it’s innate properties as a conductor of heat and electricity—which is perhaps why we overlook it so often (I mean how many of us really bend over to pick up the dropped penny on the street?).  Copper is a naturally occurring metal, found in some of the oldest civilizations on Earth, with traces being used as far back as 10,000 years ago.  During the Bronze Age about 4,000 years ago several cultures smelted copper to make bangles, pottery, artwork, and tools.  However, with it’s beautiful reddish-orange natural color finish (and ability to be flexible in high stressed and high temperature situations), it is no surprise that incorporating flares or inspiration of copper has found it’s way into the wedding scene and décor—or the new age of copper.

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Inspired by Indigo & Our First Giveaway!

Posted By On 22 May 2014

We all know the colors of the rainbow — we learned them in kindergarten, after all, with many thanks to our dear friend ROY-G-BIV.  But now as you’re planning your wedding, it’s critical to re-think the normally taken for granted color scheme and explore the many options you have.  While some brides are drawn to the bright and eye-catching colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow), others can’t stop drawing their wedding themes from the forgotten “I” of the rainbow—indigo.  What shade, exactly is indigo?  It’s a dark blue perfectly capable of complementing an array of: greys, purples, neutrals, pale pinks, pale greens, gold, and even your perfect white (or ivory!) dress.

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